why do ppl think goku so powerful

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why do ppl think goku is the most powerful hero of all time? i mean come on he is powerful but not the most powerful, there are other strong heros thet are a match for goku like: thor, superman,silver surfer, and the flash. the silver surfer can just negate goku's power and make him mortal or absorp his blast, and blow up planets. Thor is way to strong. i think he has the power to overpower goku in ss4. and don't say that goku can rip his hammer form his hand because it can't be wrested form his grip.  now for Superman. i hate to say it but i think sups can own goku because he is strong enougn to move planets and i think this was or not but i saw his heat vison heating up a planet by using his heat vison. i had read somewhere that his heat vison can rival a star. goku got burn in ss4 for before so use that on goku and hes toast. or sups can just freez him and land a few hits.  the flash can take goku on. he makes goku's IT seems like child's play. the flash can move at any speeds he wants. before goku can react to the flash's IMP. flash also has many more powers to. it's not that i hate goku, it's just that i hate it when ppl say goku is the best hero ever.    
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Whether I think you're shy on your own question is besides the point, especially when you're demeaning the character you made the thread for.
In my honest theory, Goku doesn't have to be powerful because of his abilities, he could be powerful because of what he has done for the Earth, it's inhabitants, his friends and family, etc. Powerful isn't solely based on how strong, fast, or how skilled he is; perhaps it's the fact that he's loving, never ever gives up, and would do anything even when it's impossible (such as leaving the Afterlife to save Gohan). Powerful is just a word that can be twisted to mean anything superior, I guess. Yes, there areas where Superman, Flash, Silver Surfer, Thor, and other Heroes could defeat Goku, and vice versa, but that has yet to be proven. You have to take a lot into account before making such assumptions.

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 i know what you mean, but a lot of ppl think goku can beat any hero just because he can blow up planets and use sprite bomb( which I heard that it can't be use on ppl with a pure heart.) and thats it end of battle. I to used to think goku can beat any hero, untill i did a backround check on some heros. I like superman but i know he can't win every battle.  plz don't  think that i'm trying to be a fan boy or anything, but a lot of ppl think that he can beat mostly anybody without using logic. i was just trying to use some logic on how he can't win ever battle. Like i said about superman he is powerful but can't win every battle. think beings like Thor can beat him, or even the blue bettle.
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For all we know, goku may really be as powerful as they claim. That's the problem. After the fight with Frieza (and even a few instances before) it becomes very unclear as to how powerful Goku (and the rest of the cast) become. We have statements Like cell's Infamous "I have enough power to destroy the Solar system" but he didn't back the statement up with feats, so we can't confirm the accuracy of this sentence. 
Another problem is obvious bias(both ways). Although i believe this to be a problem with all popular characters, not just goku.

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Well let's see it could be because cell has sayin DNA in him. because remeber that every time  a sayin survie a near-death experience( yes, Cell to) they get more powerful. Now imagine being blow up to bits and having a single Cell surving. With that much damage done you know hes going to get stronger. And to top it off, he took some of Goku's remains. having that much power it could be possible. But then aging he could be liying.
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why do people keep making threads that involve how strong Goku is?...
just kidding.
Goku is strong as hell. Everyone knows it. He is too strong (well, towards the end of DBZ anyway), and I just think since he is so strong it rivals the powers of COMIC characters (ex: Superman) and it just begins to piss people off. 
Can Goku beat Superman? Hell, idunno.
But one thing is certain. He is pretty damn strong.

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I just think it's funny how it's always Goku Vs. Superman their are other characters
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@mavfan626: I'm pretty sure every possible goku vs high tier superhero thread has been done already.
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maybe because  there storys are some what the same. 

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@darkrein said:
" @mavfan626: I'm pretty sure every possible goku vs high tier superhero thread has been done already. "

Yes but it's never as much as goku vs superman tho
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@mavfan626: They are so alike that the comparison (and subsequent battles) are inevitable
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well goku can bust a planet, but apprently a planet isnt good enough
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I know this is off topic, but you  know who I hate on dbz more Then mr.Satan? The ture bitch of the show, Chi-chi.

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Goku is indeed powerful. The problem with him are his fanboys who over-exaggerate his abilities.

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Honestly I believe it all comes down to Goku's nature. He was bred to kill. Pure and simple. A bonk to the head and nurture overrules nature. had Goku remained the ruthless Kakkarot, he eould not (speculation of course) have reached super saiyan status. Goku is inherently good and tha is what speaks to people the most. Goku spares life because he values it, not because he values the law. Characters like spiderman and batman don't kill criminals because they believe thye must separate themselves from what they fight. In the DBZ manga, Radditz states that if he should be able to jumpstart gokus programming, shocked he witnesses goku proclaim "I'm goku, get the heck off my planet!" Can Goku beat some of the most timeless characters created? I can't really answer that. There are too many factors you see. Superman and the yellow sun or rather the lack there of, Wolverine's healing and skeleton (I'm a supporter of adamantium by the way, although even wolverine is capable of being destroyed... perhaps lol). The Hulk gets stronger the angrier he gets; So does Goku. Colossus: VERY POWERFUL. Goku's true power is that he loves life enough to selflessly sacrifice himself to save it. He knows no limits; most others characters do i believe.  I think the reason it always comes down to Superman and Goku is that both are righteous in their values. Both are incorruptible because they are ambassadors of their people, both actual and adoptive.
I wrote a research paper abouts heroes and villians. The last section titled: The Hero From Space.  

The Hero from Space

Ranging from the despicable tyranny of the villain to the ultimate good of the hero, the spectrum is in fact far, and wide. However some heroes such as Batman and Spiderman, are not capable of striking the sense of pure good into people. Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker are, in essence, only human. Because of this they are identifiable in nearly every aspect, including their inability to be perfect. Humans, after all are subject to fits of personal fault. To be perfectly true to justice requires more; often otherworldly beings. Because humans are so faulty, extra-terrestrials become the ultimate source of salvation. This other life form is apparent in the Kryptonian Superman, and the Saiyan sent Goku.

Superman was sent to Earth as a baby, the lone survivor of a planetary explosion. Found by a small town couple that could not have children, he was raised as their own. This small town upbringing reinforces the morals associated with the small town stereotype. Because Superman possesses such great power, this morality is a crucial part of his seemingly flawless sense of right and wrong. Being from another planet allows Superman to be much more than normal heroes by freeing him from the identifiable faults of humans. Through this, fans are freed. “For others, he offers an escape, not just in his adventures, but in his origins. He may have been raised on a farm with boring parents, but secretly he is much more; he just has to discover it for himself.” (Miller).

Goku, like Superman, is an alien orphan sent to Earth as a baby. The difference between the two is greatly contrasted between the natures of their race. Saiyans are ruthless powerful beings that find hospitable planets and extinguish all life there, before selling the planet to the highest bidder. Goku, when just a baby, was sent to Earth to do just that, but a powerful blow to the head scrambled his programming and he became a docile, pure hearted boy. Raised by a martial arts master named Gohan, Goku becomes the perfect person, inherently good, even saving the world many times. Eventually a Saiyan warrior named Radditz arrives and reveals to Goku the true nature of his past. Goku, originally named Kakkarot, is one of the only four Saiyans left in the universe, and Radditz’s younger brother. Ignoring Radditz’s offer to join him, an epic series of battles ensues and Goku eventually discovers the true depths of his Saiyan heritage and power: the ability to go beyond all set limits and become a Super Saiyan. This transformation is symbolic of the hero from space. They live their lives oblivious to their true nature, discover it, reject it, realize that who they are is far more important than what they are, embrace their heritage as a welcome piece of themselves they can use for good, and finally shed the bondage of their chains to humanity.

People are in a constant struggle with the emotions, and feelings that churn within their inner cauldrons. They seek to exceed all personal boundaries and desire to defy all opposition. Heroes and villains allow people to see in themselves the very things that make great and terrible people. These power symbols allow people to deal with the despair and tragedies, as well as frustrations of life, and overcome them. Whether choosing the path of righteousness, or succumbing to personal gain, people strive to be better, and heroes, as well as villains, provide that outlet.

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that was a nice essay man.
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because the only thing they watch is dbz

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Everytime Goku meets a foe he can't beat, he hits the training room and trains until he can beat them. He's amped his strength and speed by multiples after spending time in the time chamber. He's dynamic and not static like Marvel/DC heroes. His strength comes from will to surpass and succeed, not relying on super powers or nuclear mutation.

He always meets someone stronger than him, but he can play catchup like no other. If he meets a hero like Thor, he would realize there's a level he needs to reach and would train endlessly until he got to that level. And if he could train to a level to match or beat Doomsday, he has the tools to beat Doomsday again, and again, and again, because he always trains like a madman and surpasses his current level many times over.

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Goku is not too powerful

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Goku is the most powerful hero of all-time

on any scale he is the best minus intelligence

he gets stronger with every fight and consistently fights

without his powers would still be one of the best fighters if not the best

but thats anime and comics is much different

much rather comics vs manga is easily comics

and same for animated series vs anime

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People say this because it's damn true!

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Not really

he is like the 'strongest' for anime/manga casuals

he's somewhere in the middle actually

FACT: EOS sailor moon can beat him 10/10

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bijuu naruto, getsuga ichigo, and post timeskip luffy, spawn, galactus, living tribunal, spectre, dr. doom, thanos, superman, batman, spiderman, iron man, magneto, red hulk, hulk, thor, minato, light yagami, lelouche, mr. fantastic, the thing, human torch, professor x, blackheart, ghost rider, itachi, invisible woman, sasori, kratos, dormammu, mephisto, odin, surtur, chichi,  I could name over 9,000 people that could beat goku in a fight

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Extreme nostalgia is the answer.

DBZ is a powerful, but limited universe because they highly lack in versatility.

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That's because many people are easily impressed by the bright and colorful attacks appearing in DBZ.

Superman, Thor, among others, are much less powerful in the animated series than in comics. And the animated series are much more popular than comics.

By the way, Toriyama never knew express the power of his characters. That’s in part because Dragon Ball was originally a parody of martial arts fighters. He simply started to improvise when story turned more serious.

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Don't underestimate goku. Whoever said naruto can beat goku..please don't make me laugh. I am up to date with the naruto Manga and they haven't even come close to what goku could do by the end DB. Superman and goku would be a great fight depending on which superman. They are both good guys so it would be a sparring match, an epic one. I respect yalls opinon and am up to date with naruto and one piece, grew up with superman and dbz

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