Where would Goku rank if he were in Marvel?

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well when death battle did goku vs superman, they evaluated gokus strength speed etc... from existing sources. according to them the chart is as follows

strength: 7(goku can lift about 160,000 tons in SSj 4)

Intellect: 1/5(goku has never had a day of school, but is considered a battle genius)

energy projection: 5(goku's ki has a max output of 35 sextillion megatons, more than enough to destroy earth, however beyond ki he has no other energy projection)

Fighting skill: 7(goku is a master martial artist trained by aliens, gods, and human alike. it has been stated that goku may be the greatest fictional martial artist in history. goku is alos able to copy other people moves simply by watching them.)

Durability: 6(goku is able to withstand 35 sextillion megatons more than enough to blow up the earth, thus making him superhuman but not indestructible.)

Speed: 7(goku in SSJ4 is able to travel at 2.5 billion kilometers per hour, 2 times the speed of light. on top of this speed he can use instant transmission which is well, instant.)

goku in the marvel universe would be around the level of hulk, sentry, and thor. due to his limited options in battle he would not be able to take on someone like silver surfer who can manipulate molecules.

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Why are you basing Goku's attributes off of Death Battle? Their analysis was a completely faulty assumption, they made some mistakes on Superman as well but not nearly as much as Goku.

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my point was with no power scaling and faulty analysis goku still would qualify in the chart with a



Energy projection:5


Fighting skill:7


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You're still basing it off of Death Battle's "analysis". Which is wrong by default.

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my point still stands, and using death battle's analysis is not wrong by default it is a simplified and dumbed down analysis that gets what i was trying to say across.

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It's a wrong analysis. Your point is defeated by default if you go by their calculations.

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@deadpoolwins23 said:


my point was with no power scaling and faulty analysis goku still would qualify in the chart with a



Energy projection:5


Fighting skill:7


Goku isn't a master of all forms of combat. Not even close.

DBZ barely focuses on actual martial arts. They never go for pressure points for example. They just punch and kick each other and shoot ki blasts.

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its not relevant weather or not DBZ actually shows goku performing real martial arts, it is stated that he is a master of martial arts, just like we never actually see deadpool use actual martial arts. He never goes for pressure points for example, he just punches and shoots stuff(he is however still considered a martial arts master.)

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its not relevant weather or not DBZ actually shows goku performing real martial arts, it is stated that he is a master of martial arts, just like we never actually see deadpool use actual martial arts. He never goes for pressure points for example, he just punches and shoots stuff(he is however still considered a martial arts master.)

Deadpool isn't considered a martial arts master...

And statements don't mean anything. Feats do.

Batman is a martial arts master. Captain America is a martial arts master. Karate Kid, Lady Shiva, Black Panther...

So yes, it is relevant that Goku never shows martial arts. Because he's not a martial arts master.

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@deadpoolwins23: actually, deathbattle came out with a new list of each characters stats earlier this year, and while superman became a little better, goku became thousands of times stronger and tens of times faster and more durable

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@deadpoolwins23 Deathbattle did a bad calculation of goku's overall strength, many know about this now. Here are the flaws:

1. Strength: Its correct that base goku (buu saga) can only lift 40 tons and with the SSJ multipliers he can lift close to 200 tons. However, pure muscle strength has nothing to do with how physically strong goku is. The more ki one has, the more powerful their combat strength. Toriyama says this himself, that the more ki one has, it overcomes the barrier to the limits of pure muscle strength. http://www.kanzenshuu.com/translations/chozenshu-1-we-asked-akira-toriyama-2013/. The flaw here with deathbattle is that they compared gokus muscle strength with supermans, which really doesn't matter based on this info.

Manga scans that proves ki increases physical combat: http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/12/124813/2683308-goku_block_trunks_sword.gif, here goku concentrates his ki onto his finger to block trunks sword attacks, his muscle or lifting strength didn't matter. This is the same person that cut frieza into pieces and frieza has durability way above large planet busting. http://c.mhcdn.net/store/manga/214/19-010.0/compressed/DBZ_143.jpg?v=11192793457, in this one goku uses the kaioken technique which increases his "Ki" not muscle strength, yet he becomes physically more stronger in combat, speed etc. http://i.imgur.com/C5rjd7n.png, and this is the time piccolo fused with nail, this gave piccolo the power to equally land blows on 2nd form frieza. This wasn't the result of adding muscle strength but this fusion and all other fusions are the result of ki potential being multiplied. http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110801193653/dragonball/images/6/64/MangaPage.gif, Now in this one teen gohan as a SS2 was able to kill 7 cell jr's with simple striking hits, each of these cell jr's were on ascended SSJ level, here's proof......http://img251.imageshack.us/img251/6974/cellfx.jpg. So basically, the point is that muscle strength has nothing to do with how physically strong one is in the Dbz world. Either way goku would rank a 7 in strength on the chart.

2. Intellect: Goku is only smart when it comes to battle and he learns pretty fast, this was already shown to us at the beginning of dragonball, it took master roshi years and years to learn the kamehameha and goku learned it the first time he saw it. Goku would rank a 5 on the chart in this one.

3. Energy Projection: According to the kili measurements in the Manga, diazenshuu and revised chozenshuu, Goku had 3,000 Kili's of energy as a regular SSJ when he fought yakon. http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/scale_super/13/135592/2954920-9958737429-29079.jpg. The Diazenshuu 7 mentions that between 200 and 300 kili one can destroy 1 or 2 planets at max. So its possible that one can destroy 2 planets with 200+ kili but when it comes to 1 large planet that person may need 300 kili, this is the logical reason why it says 1 or 2 since planets vary in sizes as well. So between 200-300 kili one can emit 53 quadrillion megatons - 2.7 Yottatons of energy force. Those are the formula's of destroying a small planet like earth or large planet like uranus. Planet Namek was calc at 2.75-30 yottatons, http://deadliestfictionalwarrior.wikispaces.com/Comprehensive+Energy+Scale. As a SSJ goku has 2,700 more kili's of energy force then what we just discussed. SSJ2 is 2x SSJ and SSJ3 is 4x SSJ2. Forget Powerscaling, even if we were to add the potential of the SSJ2 and SSJ3 multipliers to goku's SSJ 3,000 kili, he would easily be on Multi solar system level at max, this is without the SSJ god form. Goku can also utilize ki in different forms from energy beams, concentrated energy blasts, ki construct like destructo disk for example, and energy waves. Goku would rank 6 on the chart.

4. Fighting skills - He would rank 6 since he knows more than one form of martial arts.

5. Durability: His max output should equal what he can tank himself which is Multi solar system level. I wouldn't say goku is indestructible but he surely is above superhuman durability so ill say 6.5 on the chart.

6. Speed: Since theirs different types of speed ill break it down. 1. Reaction speed: Ever since dragonball goku has reacted faster than light. Before the light from tiens solar flare reached goku, goku was able to reach master roshi, get his glasses, and come back to the same spot he was in. http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/scale_medium/14/149746/3274858-3245569-tien%2Battack,%2Bsunglasses%2Bpt2.jpg. http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/scale_medium/14/149746/3274861-3245571-tien%2Battack,%2Bsunglasses%2Bpt4.jpg.

2. Battle speed: We all know kami is a god in dragonball, not becuase of his strength but his abilities. Here he claims that not even his godly eyes can see goku and piccolo fight. Again this was before dragonball Z started lol. http://img826.imageshack.us/img826/1020/gokufast.jpg. In dbz theses guys are literally thousands of times faster in battle speed, starting from the frieza arc and on. We all know ki blasts travel at MFTL speeds. Their are so many scans where enemies and others have dodged these ki blasts at will continuously.

3. Flightspeed: SSJ gotenks displayed speed that would be considered a portion of the speed of light which is Relativistic speed+. http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/13/139933/2813363-gotenks_speed.jpg. http://outskirtsbattledome.wikispaces.com/Character+Profile+-+Gotenks. In dbz, the stronger one is, the faster one is (only exception is Ultra SSJ forms since it has increased muscle mass) SSJ3 goku > SSJ gotenks so therefore he is a little faster than gotenks. At best, goku is close to the speed of light in flight mode. He would rank a 6.5 in my chart.

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Thor, Silver surfer, Sentry and Hulk level.

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Around Gladiator level.

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@deadcool said:
Do the math...

Strength : 7

Fighting Abilities : 7

Intelligence : 5 in fights, 1 in normal life.

Durability : 6

energy Projection : 5

Speed : 7

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First off, you have to understand that there are different tiers of Superheros, and sometimes a lower tier hero beats a higher tier one, due to circumstances.

TIER 1. Thor, Silver Surfer, Phoenix, Thanos, Ghost Rider.

TIER 2. Sentury, Hulk, Super Skrull, Beta Ray Bill, Drax, Ms. Marvel.

TIER 3. Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Dr. Doom, Colossus, Thing, Rogue.

TIER 4. Spider Man, Wolverine, Nite Crawler, Gambit, Deadpool.

TIER 5. Black Panther, Captain America, Daredevil, Punisher, Nick Fury.

Before I go any further, a few notes. Like i said at the beginning, sometimes a lower tier hero gets a win, due to circumstance. For instance, Thor has lost to Hulk, but not when he calls the thunder down on him. When they fight, Thor is too noble to use magic, most the time. It's a Thor thing. When he does bring down the thunder, Hulk is screwed. Also, Ghost Rider is a tier 1 because even if you destroy his body, Zarathose comes out, in his true form, and eats you. I tried to stay away from lesser known heros, and god like beings, like Galactus. Now all that being said, goku is a tier 2 hero, at best. He would have a lot of trouble with Hulk or Sentry. As far as stats

STRENGTH 6- He is not on par with Hulk or Thor, and Silver Surfer is as strong as he wants to be. These guys make 100+ tuns look easy. Goku is not "that" strong.

INTELLIGENCE-5. Cap is not "book smart", but his understanding of strategy, and his ability to "think fast" give gim a high intelligence. Although Goku is not book smart, he knows as much about martial combat as almost anyone.

FIGHTING ABILITY-7 Goku is definitely a master of combat, but when compared to Thor, who has been waging war and fighting for thousands of years, he may not be the best fighter, in all of comics

DURABILITY 6- Silver Surfer can survive inside a black hole, take a trip through the heart of the sun, and deal with supernovas. Goku has never been shown to survive that level of damage.

SPEED 6-Goku is FAST, but Thor is capable of FTL travel, and Silver Surfer is faster than Thor. Instant transmission is teleportation, and that is not the same as speed. Some of you will say, "Silver Surfer needs his board". This is a misinformed statement. Again, with the power cosmic, Silver Surfer is as fast as he wants to be

ENERGY PROJECTION- 6 Goku can do some pretty cool KI feats, but compare that to Phoenix or Silver Surfer. Surfer absorbed the Oan Battery. (The source of all of the Green Lantern corps power), can manipulate matter at a sub atomic level, teleport, travel time, control emotions, and project and endless amount of energy.

All that being said, I am counting Goku at god level, because otherwise his strength, energy projection and durability drop to 5 and his intelligence drops to 4, and he drops to a tier 3, overall. Goku is cool, but at his strongest he is a tier 2 at best. He would have a lot of trouble against Beta Ray Bill (who is really close to tier 1, but lacks Thors Fighting ability), Sentury, or even Hulk.

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@michael91977 :

Goku will in b/w tier 1 and 2 . Sentry and Hulk will put one hell of a fight with Goku and maybe Goku win. Same goes for Thor. Ghost Rider will be useless, remember GS only fight evil . This stare won't hurt Goku. Phoenix and Thanos are on different leagues.

Strength 8 : We haven't seen Goku lifting anything in Ssj god. But it will be casually above 100+ tons.

Intelligence 6 : his fight with Frieza proved him more intelligent than people thought.

Fighting skills 9 : He is definetly the best H2H fighter in manga and anime. His skills will put him easily above Captian America and Thor.

Energy Projection 8-9 : Casually solary system in ssj god. Even higher in full power.

Speed 8 : Gotenks was easily relativistic. Ssj god Goku must be light speed or FTL.

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I do not know, however, Majin Buu was about to destroy the reality only with his aura, Goku at the end becomes stronger than Majin Buu, so I do not know

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