The Z Fighters against Marvel and DC

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Okay, I've been reading a lot of arguements about how some characters in the DC or Marvel comics could easily defeat the Z Fighters from Dragonball Z. Could somebody explain to me how that is possible?

I mean, wouldn't they be evenly matched with the majority of them?

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What is with you and comparing Comic book characters to Manga characters? You're going to get flamed and trolled if you keep this up. Comic book readers HATE these comparisons. I mean, I grew up worshipping DBZ and later in life comics, but these are things that should never be compared. Especially DBZ because no matter how strong the opponent is, Goku will ALWAYS be written to be stronger. Advice: Stop comparing these two. Forever.

I'm out.

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This is against the rules. Mods hear my cry!!!!

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I must just quickly say, despite this being being against the rules...

There are times I really get upset the way kids and teens love japanese mangas, and even claim they are better than american comics. A lot of new mangas are about young women's romances or love interests, and some are wierder to those of us exposed to western media.

Then there are times I really hate the way some orthodox western fans just bash Anime because it's different from what a westerner would do.

In the end, you got to realize these are 2 different medias, both with their own unique traits. I love The Marvel Universe and I love Batman, I grew up on them. But I also grew up on Dragonball Z, and my most fondest memories are watching Dragonball Z with my family.

Back on topic, I have to say that since these are 2 different universes, things would go differently, the JLA would probably devise a way of defeating Goku, and in the Dragonball World, Goku would beat them senseless. It's kind of like how Naruto, One Piece, Yugioh are all sort of included in the Shonen Jump manga, and Jump Ultimate Stars, but they never compare each of them officially, like how Marvel and DC did it in Marvel VS DC or JLA/Avengers.

Marvel and DC are super hero universes with limitations, and the Dragonball world is a place where anyhting is possible with Ki, heh..

Akira Toriyama must of been inspired with Superman, for one of his creations uses a parody of him, Sour Man, or Suupa Man.

Technically speaking, Goku would give Superman a sound thrashing, (no offense, supes) but they are different types of comics/manga, so it wouldn't count.

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@ArturoCalaKayVee: How was I to know? Nobody tells me anything and I was curious.

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Sorry, but we don't allow anime Vs comics debated on Comic Vine. We reserve those for our sister site; Anime Vice :)

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