How powerful was goku at 17?

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@knivestrillions said:

he was low tier street level all he did at that age was h2h

Low tier street level, yes. We all remember the times that Batman tanked nukes and Captain America blew up the moon.

This had me going lol

Ok so me and a friend got into a discussion about current naruto vs 17 year old goku saying who is more powerful cause naruto is 17 so can anyone help me figure it out I mean 17 year old goku would be less powerful then goku at the beginning of DBZ but a lil more powerful then DB goku so any help?

To answer the OP, even at that age Goku was still more powerful. Naruto's a village/city buster on his best day. Goku was working his way up to planet buster by that point. Naruto probably edges Goku out in speed, but that's pretty much it.

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@knivestrillions: ok, I hope it will be apparent that I tried to be nice. I apologized and specified that I wasn't attacking your opinions. I explained why I was ticked off and asked if you wanted to bring it back to the OP. I even tried to explain why so many people were misunderstanding you. But I can see from how offensive you are that you are not interested in debating anything.

Back to the OP.

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