Did Goku ever use Kaio Ken in DragonBall GT?

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#2 Posted by Nerd Of A Hero (897 posts) - - Show Bio

No, never did.

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not that i know of...

Kiao ken was VASTLY overshadowed by Ssj transformations, even in Z

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Why would he?

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Kaio-ken became irrelevant right after Krillin died the second time. Why use Kaio-ken when you can go Super Saiyan? No, he never used it in GT.

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What is this GT you speak of...

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He stopped using it after Frieza Saga...

#8 Posted by JamesBobbyDouglasReed (49 posts) - - Show Bio

@perethorn: Well he did use Kaio Ken in Super Saiyan form once.

#9 Posted by Perethorn (3802 posts) - - Show Bio

@jamesbobbydouglasreed: When? i dont recall a single moment of him using Kaio Ken after Frieza...maybe you are refering to that weird transformation that he used after Cell battle to aid Paikon. That is more like a fake SSJ, not a Kaio Ken.

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The only time he ever used it ever again after he went SS was in other world in the battle against that Paikon guy. Other than that he wouldnt have really needed to use it again.

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