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Kraven taking care of the infant alien.
Gog comes from the Tsiln alien race from the planet Broi located in the Wyllis star system. As an infant, Gog was sent to Earth in a warp-drive starship along with a baby female and both were incubated on the ship. The starship crashed into the Savage Land and the female infant did not survive. Kraven the hunter finds the starship and discovered the infant alien inside. Kraven would take care of the infant alien and act as his adoptive father. The alien would double in size daily until it reached its adulthood average height of 300 feet. Kraven would name the alien Gog after a biblical giant and use him to help build a kingdom in the Savage Land. 

Mayor Story Arcs

Meeting Spider-man

Gog giving Peter Parker the smackdown.
Gog came to the attention of JJ Jameson when a news story of a guide leading a number of scientists on a geophysical survey of the Savage Land was attacked by a gigantic monster. Jameson wanted to do a whole series on the Savage Land and do an in-depth look at the unknown land and the real lowdown on the creature that attacked the scientist. Jameson, Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy and other members from the Daily Bugle came along for the trip. The group discovered an alter of a giant lizard and were confronted by some jungle men. Suddenly Gog appeares and terrifies the crew. Gog grabs Gwen Stacy and smacked Peter Parker into the jungle. Gog took the blonde beauty back to Kraven where he had plans to make her his queen. Peter Parker changes into his Spidey outfit and looks for Gwen in the vast jungle. After a fight with a giant snake, he would fall into some quicksand. Kazar and Zabu discover Spider Man and save him before he is engulfed by the quicksand. The trio would find Gwen, Kraven and Gog and a huge fight would ensue. Kraven battles Kazar while Gog tries to distract Gog. Suddenly a giant prehistoric lizard appears and engages Gog in a fierce battle. Gog would kill the giant lizard by snapping its neck. Spider Man entices the alien to give chase and he leads Gog into a quicksand pit. Gog is unable to free himself and is swallowed up by the ground and is presumed dead.

Powers and Abilities:

Gog snaps the neck of a prehistoric reptile.
Gog is from the Tsiln race where they can grow up to 300 feet when they reach adulthood. During incubation period, their minds are programmed with Tsiln language and culture. These aliens are very loyal and gentle towards the ones they love. Gog had superhuman strength, durability and a semi-prehensive tail he can use to strike enemies.

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