So... are IDW's Godzilla comics any good?

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Gangsters and Goliaths, Legends, Kingdom of Monsters, and the current series. Would you recommend them?

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I bought the entire legends series (i believe 8 issues) and for the most part, they were good. My favorite was the issues where Hedorah, Godzilla and MechaGodzilla have a full out brawl. Some of the coolest looking monsters I have ever seen, especially Godzilla, who looked particularly scary.

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@Superguy0009e: Thanks! I'm glad to hear Legends is good.

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@SmashBrawler: Don't know about IDW but I was a BIG fan of of the Dark Horse series back in the day. The nice thing too, is that most (if not all of it) is collected into trades. Dark Horse also did a FANTASTIC comicization of Return of Godzilla (Godzilla 1985 in america, but without the changes made for the american film) which is also collected in trade. One of my favorite issues in my entire collection is this.

because this might be the coolest panel ever

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@MadeinBangladesh: They're OK?

@Onemoreposter: Yeah, I actually have the Dark Horse comics (including the Godzilla vs. Barkley one... no comments there). But the serious ones were good. Oh, and that might be the coolest panel ever, but this is the best Godzilla moment ever:

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@SmashBrawler: Hmm, I see your tailslide and raise you Godzilla flying with atomic breath

Yeah, I don't think you can top that.

"YOU WILL NOT ESCAPE HEDORA"-Godzilla (Translated from Gojiranese)

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@SmashBrawler: Lol, I remember that.

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@Onemoreposter: Damn. I can't top that. You sir win this round.

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I liked Godzilla Legends best and Godzilla, Gangsters and Goliaths was good too despite some clumsy kaiju cameos here and there, whereas Kingdom of Monsters started off AMAZING with loads of story telling potential and beautiful artwork...and then went downhill from there. Kingdom of Monsters wasn't all bad, but as I said, the artwork definitely suffered after the original artist left, and not all of the monsters were handled all that well, particularly MechaG and King Ghidorah. I could tell you more but it depends on how many spoilers you want.

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godzilla the half century war is a master piece!

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