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Warfare and violence has resulted in dangerous, destructive monsters. The Earth Defense system was then created to protect the Planet from giant monsters, they inculde Mutants with Super-Human abilities, technology and advanced training. The EDF's best vechile is then used on Godzilla, the vechile corners Godzilla at the south pole and traps him in Ice. Years after Godzilla is buried, a new, mumified monster is discovered, the U.N then investiagate it until the Mothra faries show up, they reveal the monster to be Gigan. Gigan is said to be an alien, cyborg who is sent to destroy Earth, and that a war will soon happen. Soon after Gigan is discovered monster all over the Earth appear and attack Earth, the EDF then attack the monsters and bring some down. Then a UFO appears in Japan and lands, aliens come out of the UFO and reveal themsevles to be peaceful, they also state that they control the monsters. The aliens then make peace with Earth, but soon after this the aliens reveal themselves to be evil and use their monsters angainst Earth. The EDF then release Godzilla from the ice, and use him to destroy the monsters of Earth and save the Earth. Godzilla shows to easily defeat the monsters until the end, King Ghidorah shows up and attacks Godzilla, whilst King Ghidorah and Godzilla are fighting the EDF and the aliens do battle. The aliens are defeated but King Ghidorah is not, King Ghidorah then drains Godzilla and renders him useless, the EDF then give Godzilla their power and make him more powerful than ever, Godzilla easily defeats King Ghidorah and then turns to the EDF, but the spares them and leaves with his son Minilla, Minilla and Godzilla both walk in the sea, into the sunset.

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