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Brief History

The Godstorm is a magical sentient storm-race that lives in Asgard with other living storms called The Storms of Asgard .
He named himself Godstorm and was lied to by Loki claiming Thor called them his slaves .Godstorm became angered by this and attacked Thor who banish him to the rock at the bottom of the sea . An imprisoned Godstorm  granted Jared Carstairs ,
a criminal who was also in jail, weather controling powers to battle Thor ,but failed and was stripped of his powers by Odin .When a Norwegian oil drilling team thought they found oil they accidently freed the Godstorm from his undersea prison .Thor attacked the Godstorm but the Godstorm was much more powerful and was defeating Thor.But Loki ,who was waiting for this battle ,stole the Godstorm`s power and began attacking Thor as well .When Thor called out to the Godstorm for aid , this act caused the Godstorm to reconsider his judgement of Thor an summond his brother storms to aid Thor .Stripped of his power Loki had to face the judgement of the Storms since the true crime was against them.

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