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The Godkiller was a gigantic suit of armor that was created by an ancient race long ago. This young aspirant people challenged the cosmic might of the Celestials at the beginning of time. The Celestial war was a brutal conflict where the loss of life was horrific and where both sides became desperate. For the aspirant race, they decided in crafting a weapon to challenge their foes which was powered by a cosmic relic later known as the Heart of the Voldi. Once created, genetically engineered pilots were made to control the armor. The Godkiller managed to win the battle against the aspirant's enemies but ultimately they lost the war. Despite their impending defeat, the Godkiller had been successful in thinning the number of Celestials who once numbered the stars. The aspirants ultimately had to cannibalize the Godkiller for spare parts for their fleet and they shortly afterwards entered into a civil war. This allowed the Celestials to recover and they destroyed the aspirant race.

At this time, the Heart of the Voldi was removed from the machine and the Godkiller itself was placed in storage within a dyson sphere solar array. It remained undisturbed for countless years until the Rigellian Recorder known as 451 learnt of its existence. He determined that the machine would be capable weapon in ensuring the protection of Earth. However, it lacked many critical components as well as a pilot. Thus, he went to Earth where he claimed to had been responsible for the birth of Tony Stark as he provided critical knowledge that allowed for Howard Stark and Maria Stark to have a child. Once the child was born, 451 departed in order to find the remaining components to bring the Godkiller online whilst the child matured. Following the seeming destruction of the Phoenix Force, 451 was present among the Voldi where he used the travelling Tony Stark as a distraction in order to acquire the Heart of the Voldi. He later took control of the Iron Man armor and took Tony to the Godkiller where the Recorder revealed his part in the secret origin of Stark. 451 claimed that with the ancient warmachine would be the perfect deterrent in stopping the alien forces that intended to eliminate the threat posed by Earth.

Before he could bring the Godkiller online, the freelance peacekeeping agent known as Death's Head arrived with the intention of claiming the bounty on 451.

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