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 Goddess converses with Zhang Heng above Luoyang.
Like many Celestials, Goddess' history is largely unknown. The only recorded appearances of Goddess were on Earth in 144 A.D. and in the heart of the Sun in 1456 A.D. She first appeared in the city of Luoyang, Han Dynasty and approached Zhang Heng with a decision that would affect Earth's future. 

After Goddess revealed to Zhang the secrets of the Celestial reproduction and the planet-annihilating birthing process, Zhang replied that he would ensure the protection of the Celestial Egg he believed to be growing in the heart of Earth. Goddess cut him off as he spoke and told him that he had misunderstood her and needed to let her finish.
Goddess then told him that it was only up until now that Celestials reproduced by implanting eggs within the cores of worlds and that she had done something no Celestial before her had ever attempted, something she referred to as a forbidden act. Goddess had become the first pregnant Celestial.
With the reproduction process' activation imminent she needed somewhere to complete the birthing cycle, somewhere that would provide nourishment for her unborn child. 
Having no qualms about the inevitable death that awaited her upon going into labor centuries from that moment, she demanded that Zhang Heng make a choice as to where she would give birth.
Goddess gives birth.
Though she only offered Earth's core or the Moon as choices for the apocalyptic birth, Zhang Heng provided an alternate answer to her dilemma, a place that would be perfect to nourish and eventually deliver into the universe a child of the stars: The Sun.
Deeming the alternative a most acceptable choice, Goddess made her way into Earth's core and silently experienced the unfamiliar joys of pregnancy. 
During her time in the Sun, Goddess's consumption of the Sun's energy caused it to cool down, which alarmed Leonardo Da Vinci and eventually propelled him on a journey to the Sun to discover the source of the Sun's cooling. 
Upon his arrival in 1456, Leonardo was able to observe the death of Goddess and the birth of her beloved son, who Leonardo named Star Child.

Powers and Abilities

Though it is assumed that Goddess shared the same reality-altering abilities as the rest of her kin she only displayed a limited amount of non-passive abilities which included the power to levitate, extreme temperature resistance, energy absorption, Omni-lingual skills and the ability to exist in the vacuum of space without life support, which is a common ability found amongst The Celestials and their peers.
Her most impressive feat, however, was creating new life within her own body, an allegedly "forbidden" act that no other Celestial in existence had ever attempted before. Though this ability resulted in her inevitable death, Goddess was more than happy to have had the chance to bring a baby into the world.

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