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The Gnucci Family came to power during the Punisher's absence from New York City and became the most powerful crime family in New York City. They had the mayor, police commissioner, and most of the NYPD in their pockets. When Frank Castle returned to New York City they were the primary target of his wrath.


Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon are the original creators of the Gnucci Family. They created the Gnucci Family as the main enemy Frank Castle faced in the Welcome Back Story Arc.

Team Evolution

The original Gnucci Family was run by Ma Gnucci. Her brother Dino Gnucci was second in command of the family and the most likely to take over if anything happened to Ma Gnucci. Ma also had three sons Bobby Gnucci, Carlo Gnucci, and Eddie Gnucci who were part of her crime syndicate as well as a cousin Stevie Gnucci that was a member of the family as well. During their encounters with Punisher the entire crime family was wiped out except for one member Charlie Schitti who was injured in the hospital when the Gnucci family was slaughtered by Frank Castle.

The Gnucci family six years later is revived by a seemingly back from the dead Ma Gnucci. This proved to be false though. The son of the original Elite had taken his father's mantle and rebuilt the Gnucci family using people who were missing limbs and given plastic surgery to look like Ma Gnucci to rebuild the destroyed crime family. He did so in the hopes of using them to kill the Punisher getting revenge for the Punisher murdering his father.

Major Story Arcs

Welcome Back Frank

Carlo Gnucci about to be thrown to his death.

The Gnucci Family has become the most powerful crime family in New York City in the Punisher absence. When the Punisher returned to New York City he made it his number one priority to destroy the Gnucci Family. The Punisher systematically killed all of Ma Gnucci's sons in a 24 hr. period. When he learned her Ma Gnucci's brother was being charged with murder and being defended by Matt Murdock the Punisher killed Dino Gnucci when he was being transported to court from jail. The Punisher killed him quickly since he didn't want Dino Gnucci in charge of the Gnucci family when he killed Ma Gnucci since he would've made the streets run with blood battling other criminal organizations.

The Gnucci Family realizing the Punisher is serious threat to them uses the NYPD who is in their pocket to try and capture the Punisher. Ma Gnucci forces the police commissioner to create a task force to take down the Punisher. Unfortunately for the Gnucci Family the police not wanting to apprehend the Punisher assign their worst officer Detective Martin Soap to head the task force, making the police completely useless to the Gnucci Family in their battle against the Punisher.

The Gnucci Family tries to hire out assassins to kill the Punisher wanting to get rid of him quickly. Frank Castle knew about the assassins and instead eliminates them before they had a chance to go after him. The Gnucci family later spots the Punisher following them and shoots the Punisher several times forcing him to flee to the zoo. Ma Gnucci orders her soldiers to follow the Punisher into the zoo which results in the Punisher killing them and wounding Ma Gnucci badly. Ma Gnucci enraged places a ten million dollar bounty on the Punisher's head and finds at where he lives and sends her troops over to kill the Punisher. The Punisher managed to kill all the soldiers and seriously wound Ma Gnucci. After, this Ma Gnucci contacts the Russian to kill the Punisher.

The Punisher taunting the Gnucci Family.

The Russian brutally attacks the Punisher but Frank Castle ends up victorious killing the Russian. After, killing the Russian the Punisher drives straight to the Gnucci home with the Russian's severed head brandishing it in front of all the soldiers in the Gnucci Family. The soldiers proceed to drop their weapons and leave not wanting to fight the Punisher. The Punisher then proceeds to burn down the Gnucci home and kick Ma Gnucci into the burning house killing her and ending the Gnucci Family.

The resurrection of Ma Gnucci

The son of Elite has taken up his father's mantle and with his extensive wealth turned accident and war victims into copies of the dead Ma Gnucci to rebuild the Gnucci crime family. Suffering from nightmares and anger about the Punisher killing his father and blaming what has happened to him on Frank Castle the new Elite uses the rebuilt Gnucci Family to try and kill the Punisher. The Punisher hearing rumors that Ma Gnucci is back from the grave rebuilding her criminal empire investigates and seems to kill Ma Gnucci again only to find out through his informant Charlie Schitti that he saw Ma Gnucci after the Punisher just killed her. The Punisher wanting to make sure Ma Gnucci was truly dead goes to the grave yard Ma Gnucci was buried and digs up her grave to find her bones. The Punisher is then attacked in the grave yard by gangsters hired by Elite and manages to kill them all and wound Elite.

The Gnucci Family fighting the Punisher and Lt. Molly Von Richthofen

Elite furious sets up a trap for the Punisher uses soldiers in the family to try and kill the Punisher. Elite almost succeeds in killing Frank Castle but has to flee as the police arrive. The Punisher wounded goes to the home of his informant Charlie. Their he encounters Lt. Molly Von Richthofen who has been investigating the return of the Gnucci Family. Elite finds out where the Punisher is at and sends all of his gangsters and convinces other crime families to send theirs as well to the house the Punisher is at to kill him. Molly and The Punisher then proceed to fight the mob with the NYPD coming to their aid and kill all the mobsters that came after them. The Punisher now knowing who is after him tracks down the new Elite and killing him ending the Gnucci Family once again.

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