She looks weird now

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Ok, I get that woman are for some reason degraded by atteactive women. I understand not liking overly sexualized or scantily clad women, but just cuz a character(or even a woman in real life) are blessed with large breasts, it doesn't make them a slut. Now onto Glory(lol): she's a lame Liefeld Wonder Woman, just as Zealot is a lame Jim Lee Wonder Woman. So honestly, they didn't screw up much. But still, my point is that, to counter any possible over sexualization, they gave her book an artist with some weird art style. Now instead of looking beautiful or graceful, she has two new looks: a monstrous over muscled "thing" that actually looks more Liefeldian than the original, just with male Liefeld parts, and the look of a fat asian baby in armor. You don't have to uglify characters to counter sexualization. Look at two of Wonder Woman's current depictions: Jim Lee draws her very attractively, with many sexy features including...well....very big boobs. While it is an attractive depiction with good art, some may argue that with the large breasts and such, she may be a bit too immodest. Then there's Cliff Chiang's version: her chest is noticeably smaller and not as prominent. Her skin is also darker, evoking a more ethnic Greek look that should be used more. This depiction os exceptionally beautiful and well drawn without focusing on her body. And guess what? She looks (even more) like a Greek woman and not a fat asian baby!

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I say she's flawless and looks hella cool.

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She is extremely gross looking. She makes Frankencastle look pretty.

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It was like you read my mind, i was going to say the same: gross looking!

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