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When the Fables who lived in the Mundane world started formulating a battle plan to conquer the Adversary, they turned to their allies, the Arabian Fables, to help them. A plan was hatched: destroy the gateways linking the different worlds in the Adversary's kingdom, then stage an invasion through the Cloud Kingdom into the Imperial Homeworld. 

To create a ship that would carry the bombs necessary to destroy the gateways was a daunting task but not insurmountable. The Arabian Fables had flying carpets aplenty and donated many carpets to build into the lining of the flying ship. Jointly captained by Sinbad and Prince Charming, the Glory of Baghdad became a near unstoppable force. That is, until the Emperor and the Snow Queen decided to throw every dragon and sorcerer at their disposal to destroy the ship. Their efforts were successful, decimating the ship shortly before it reached its final destination. However, a badly injured Sinbad and Prince Charming were able to secure enough carpets to deliver the final bomb to the last gateway.

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