dark_noldor's Glory #31 - War Torn, Part One: The Fall review

Bring the Wine!

Glory isn't a title for the weak at heart, it revolves every aspect known in comics as value foundations, twisting them, making them fun. Why is that? Glory's family has several issues: at the same time they are trying to bite each other's head, in a blink of an eye they are eating breakfast and getting updates of latest news. This is a very funny trait of this series and, though Keatinge has a tendency of clinging a little too much over this aspect, I do believe this is wheeling force driving this book. In this issue, marked by a serious of interesting and powerful dialogues, Glorianna, her sister and companions reach their destination to finnaly confront their evil daddy, but, again, the mindless violence and hatred give place to a weird and confusing family reunion, so the fuel that impulses this engine is hate following love, and what family is different of that? Sure, it's not every family in the world that has member so powerhouses like Glory and, here comes the biggest impact of this book, if she couldn't defeat whatever devastated Thule, like she gets her bearings from her daddy-o, what could her group and her army-less father do to prevent Earth's doom? Following this issue, number 32, there're basically just scenes of each member, pencilled by 5 different artists, having their final moments before the most antecipated battle in History. Ross Campbell is really an open minder kind of artist, I've heard of him before this title, but never get to see his art in full potential like in this title: his monsters, his scenarios, his storytellling is fantastic, specially when Glory is learning about her planet's fall. Even Ulisses Farina's two page is eclipsed by the fantastic and amazing art of Ross Campbell. Glory is coming to an end and, despite some bad and some stupid reasons (like why going after Riley when Glory's father should be worried about the Knight of Thule really bugs me a lot),this proved to be an excellent, innovative and creative recycle of a character that I really didn't like (or care) in the past!


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