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Gloriole was one of the first generation of Spaceknights. Before becoming a cyborg, Gloriole was a widely reputed genious. His armor allowed to project powerful energy blasts. He had superhuman strength and stamina. He never demonstated his flight abilities.

Gloriole was convinced the Galadorians would never gain an advantage on the Dire Wraiths unless they learn to use magic like their foes. He approached a group of Dire Wraiths with offer of an alliance in exchange for tutoring in magic. In order to convince them of his intentions, Gloriole agreed to lure a fellow Spaceknight into a trap. Said Spaceknight was Rom.

During his captivity Rom managed to convince Gloriole that he was sacrificing his humanity to become just another Dire Wraith pawn. Gloriole agreed to help him escape but was killed in the consequent battle. Rom buried him and promised to not let anyone know of Oriole's shame.

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