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A treasure hunter in search of 13 artifacts. She recently got Ember Stone and while on a plane she sensed presence of Glacier Stone. The stone took control over Glorianna upon which the plane she was on exploded in mid-air.  Glorianna landed in the middle of a confrontation between the trinity and immediately made her intentions to claim all of the artifacts known. During the battle that ensued near Curator's shop she assumed that she was victorious over Finn, immediately challenged Angelus. Celestine, the current host thrashed her and then proceeded to banish her from the area.

Glorianna reappears in arctic heaven and falls to ground, for a brief moment she doesn't remember anything. Only after she was attacked by polar bear she remembers who she is and what her new purpose is. She then goes to her mentor Wulfgar in Norway and informs of what has happened to her.  Some time later after conferring with Wulfgar Glorianna has a nightmare that she has disappointed her mentor.  When she awakens she find him under attack and the attacker has damaged the tapestry depicting the battle between the Ember & Glacier Stones from years gone by.  
Glori transforms into her Ember  Form and burns the Assassin to death. She asks Wulfgar if he is alright, and he scolds her for being unable to prevent the destruction of the tapestry.  He then informs her about the Disciples of Adam and orders her to eliminate them.  We next see her in Japan seeking to have a conversation with Finnegan.


 Glorianna's supernatural abilities come from the Stone of Ember, one of the 13 Artifacts.  The stone bestows upon the wearer the power to manipulate fire for offensive and defensive uses. It also allows the user to turn into a large dragon like creature. The Ember Stone is the opposite of the Glacier Stone, much like the Angelus and Darkness are opposing forces.   
Glorianna has trained her body and mind to be the epitome of human ability.  She is incredibly intelligent and wealthy, with intensive training in martial arts.

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