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Glob vs the Hulk!

Man-Thing versus the Glob.

The Hulk and Rick Jones were informed by the Pantheon about some teens missing in the Florida everglades where the creature known as Man-Thing has been sighted. They were also informed that a Pantheon scientist named Dr. Samual Beckwith who specialized in gene mutation organized a medical research project in Florida and worked with highly toxic materials. He has since disappeared and the Pantheon wanted to know if he is somehow connected to the situation in the everglades. The Hulk and Rick Jones arrive in the everglades and decide to split up. The Hulk would find the secret laboratory of Sumner Beckwith and discovered his journal. That journal revealed notes about Ted Sallis and his work regarding the duplication of the Super Soldier Serum. Beckwith continued the research and used himself as a guinea pig and something went terribly wrong.

Rick Jones discovered a scared teenage girl in the everglades when suddenly the Man-Thing appeared. Rick Jones tries to fight the creature but flees with the girl when he realizes his attacks are useless. Man-Thing tries to follow them because it is attracted to their fear. Rick Jones and the girl run into her friends who are actually trying to catch the creature so they can become famous. They overpower Rick Jones and tie him to a tree to act as bait for the swamp monster. Suddenly the Glob appears and tries to smother Rick Jones until Man-Thing appears and pushes the Glob away. Man-Thing is attracted to Rick Jone's fear and begins to walk towards him. The Hulk appears and both swamp creatures stop in their tracks. The Glob remembers the Hulk and they begin to fight. The Hulk tells the Glob he has changed and that he is stronger, smarter and can hurt him. The Glob begins to show fear in his eyes and this attracts the Man-Thing. The Man-Thing grabs the Glob from behind and it begins to burn by the Man-Thing's touch. The Glob's mucky layer burns away to reveal the lifeless remains of Dr. Samuel Beckwith.

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