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Glimmer Rats (created by Gordon Rennie and Mark Harrison) appears in British anthology comic 2000AD.

The near future - the world has divided into a series of ultra-competitive economic blocks, and natural resources are at a premium. Space colonization is still just a dream, but new advances in Quantum Theory have opened up the possibility of parallel universes with infinite resources to plunder.

First to develop inter-dimensional technology was the European Federation, a fascist superstate. But the experiment went horribly wrong, creating a rip in reality known as The Breach...

Through this poured terrifying creatures from a world called The Glimmer - and The Breach cannot be closed. In fact, it's expanding, slowly by surely consuming the Earth.

Now troops are being sent through, to try and repair The Breach from the other side...The Glimmer Rats - convicts and criminals. Cannon fodder.

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