It finally happened *spoilers*

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So if you clicked this you love juicy spoilers or already know them.

On issue 100 of The Walking Dead are good friend (and my favorite character) Glenn has died by the hands of Negan, leader of the Saviors for retribution for Ricks group killing members of the Saviors. I'm mad but we all knew he couldn't live for long anyway. For that is the will of the Kirkman

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truth be told i was kind of glad it happened. Glenn really had no purpose to the story in a long time. He was kind of just there now. Although truth be told I was hoping it would be Sophia. I think that would've made me hate Negan much more.

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"I was a friend of Glenn," Onemoreposter wispered, "Glenn taught me...that...when you pay for it."

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Here is the Glenn Actor ranting about how mad he got when they killed him off.It was a funny read.

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Absolutely gutted, but also not surprised. He was and remains the backbone and moral anchor of the group. He seemed to be getting back together again, and then finally cut down. At least his death was given the page spread it deserved, and it wasn't the quick death at the hands of zombies that it always could have been.

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