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Judson worked as an auto manufacturer for Stevens Glass Works in Glass Town. When the Morton Glass Works moved in, offering cheaper glass because of its more modern production facilities, Judson left Stevens and went to work for Morton. Stevens loses his entire business and swears public vengeance against everyone involved in his downfall. Soon after, Manders and a few former Stevens employees receive glass models all with sharp poison-coated edges which quickly kill their recipients. Batman comes to investigate, and stops Judson before he cuts himself on a model glass car. While Batman is learning the background, the bizarre Glass Man appears. His refractive helmet distorts his true features. The Glass Man tries to suffocate Batman in a glass ball, but Batman escapes. He then saves Morton's factory and unmasks the Glass Man as... Judson, who lost Manders's financing because his cars were unsafe. He used Stevens's threats as a cover to kill Manders, then killed the other two and faked his own attempt to further support the theory. Judson is dazzled by a reflection during the fight and falls into the glass furnace.

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