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Character History

Kelogg is a former US soldier affected by the White Event, which created many paranormals on Earth in the New Universe.

He decided to destroy the Soviet Union on his own and marched through the country towards Moscow. They hit him with two nuclear bombs but he was unaffected.

Ken Connell, the Star Brand, thinks he might be his archenemy the Old Man, and flies out to find him. Gladiator tells him his plan, and Ken is worried that it might cause a nuclear war between the US and the USSR. He tries to stop Gladiator, but he shrugs off Ken's best attacks.

Gladiator is left alone in space

Finally Ken flies him up into space and throws him out of orbit. Because of his powers, he survives.

Much later, the extradimensional explorer Arden finds him and asks him about Ken. He's extremely happy to see her, since obviously flying indefinitely through the void on one's own is no fun. However, once she gets her answers, she leaves him crying there in space and flies off.


Gladiator has has grown in weight and density without increasing in size. He basically seems to have turned into a super-heavy, rocklike substance. This extra density gives him extreme durability--enough to survive through two nuclear explosions and the Star Brand's unidirectional energy blast. He can also survive the cold vacuum of space for years.

He also has an undetermined level of superhuman strength.

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