Where is Gladiator ?

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What happed to Gladiator after War of the Kings ?

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There's a lot of info on his profile page after the War of Kings:

Emperor Kallark of the Shi'Ar

Emperor Kallark

Kallark, still in a fit of depression and melancholy at the useless death around him, and still grieving over the loss of Lilandra, picks up the Imperial Scepter and walks out of the temple in a daze. The city, and most of the throneworld, is still in the throes of tearing itself apart as Kallark numbly stares at the madness resulting from Lilandra's death. The people then notice Kallark carrying the scepter, and turn to him, pleading for guidance, and calling him Majestor. Kallark took upon the role of the leader of the Shi'ar Empire and resigned his previous post of Majestor of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. Although at first it was difficult for Kallark to conform to life as a King and not a member of the most elite fighting force in the Universe he has been able to to do so with the strength and courage of a true leader.

Realm of kings

On the planet Izumbard, (where the Shiar Imperium's ships and other supplies are made), they have announced their independence from the Imperium. So Gladiator sends his Imperial Guard to the shipyard to destroy them. The team consists of Warstar, B'nee, Titan, Electron, Flashfire, Neuttron, and Plutonia. Gladiator himself than goes in to him. The mission is a success. Than unknowingly to Gladiator it's revealed Talon was disguised as Councillor Araki and brainwashed the real one into remembering nothing that evening.

Gladiator than assembles a team to go into the Fault and examine what kind of threat it represents.

After the team goes into the Fault they run into more than they expected and need help. Gladiator goes to help them, and discovers Talon was there. At first he was displeased with Talon being there but Talon convinces Gladiator that he is there to help and that he has two Raptor amulets and that it would help their fight greatly but he would need two volunteers to become Raptors and the process would be permanent. Plutonia and Mentor volunteer to become a Raptor to help.

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After the above, he's on the Annihilators. Also, the Inhumans have abandoned the Kree Empire, and supposedly the Shi'ar as well, although that has not been addressed. If we're lucky, we'll see another Kree-Shi'ar War, although the Shi'ar may still not be recuperated from the War of Kings.

Also, I guess it looks like the Gladiator page could use my help, but it will have to wait for tomorrow...


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