When was Gladiator like this?

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I've been seeing this pic everywhere Gladiator is being portrayed as being on his peak. Some even state he's as strong as Universal Majestic, RKT, and SMPOM.... But the thing is they don't label him so I could research when he had the upgrade. So when was Gladiator like this? 

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He was using the Uni-Power. That is what powers Captain Universe.

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Yeah, he basically acquires the Uni-Power temporarily from Susan Richards (Fantastic Four), which is a result of the pair fighting which in turn causes a tidle wave!!!!! She gives him the power in order to enhance his power so they can get ahead of the wave and stop it.  
If your a Gladiator fan like me I would highly recommend you buy this comic. He later teams up with the Silver Surfer who is also given the Uni-Power.

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and if you're a Sue fan, it's also a GREAT issue 
further proof that she IS a badass 
and not that nose-bleedy, whiny, wig monster Jessica Alba tried to give us 
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yeah but...what are the issue iam suppose to be looking for if i want it ?!

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@stu said:
" yeah but...what are the issue iam suppose to be looking for if i want it ?! "
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when WAS this??

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@Hi I'm New:

I'm pretty sure this is from "Captain Universe Invisible Woman" #1 or possibly "Captain Universe Silver Surfer" #1.  Both were published in 2005.

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