very under rated in every battle

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i dont know but people seem to either hate or forget his feats
there are tons of fights which are on his level but people keep saying he gets stomped and hang on the confidence thing 
which in comics rarely ever happens i mean 
maxima vs gladiator loses
doomsday loses
superman loses
hulk loses
thor loses
sentry loses
SS still loses lol
and they are prety good match ups
he may lose but not easily as people say but not stomps, or stomps in favor of the other character
he is one of my favorite heroes and i hope people read about him before posting lol

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i agree with you, i too feel like he doesnt get the respect he deserves. and with his power set, he should be one of the most formidable cosmic characters out there, to my knowledge at least
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I've only ever seen the confidence angle used once in comics and that was Rocket trying to fool him, although Rocket's reaction when Gladiator wasn't falling for it was awesome.

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In the Starblast story line he chokes out someone that was pretty tough, wish I could remember who...  He is a pretty cool character, but always comes in as this big bad @$$ and then gets defeated.  I would like to see some scans were he shows how powerful he really is...

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Here is the pic of him knocking out Hyperion, not sure if Hyperion is considered a great feat or not?

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@ntb1124 said:
Here is the pic of him knocking out Hyperion, not sure if Hyperion is considered a great feat or not?
yeah hyperion before he met him was like a non pis carbon copy of super then gladiator kicks his ass
aside from being a supe copy gladiator is a very intersting character at least know in the war and realm of kings
to bad they shorten his hair and made him less intimidating than his 80s-90s look
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Gladiator does have many awesome feats just none like what he used be able to do like shatter planets & so forth but i did love this moment here 

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I remember the awe I got when I first read about Gladiator in the pages of the X-Men.  I mean, he was a super superhero, which is a rarety at Marvel. 
I really really liked Gladiator from the start.  He was unique. He quickly became my favorite character!
A really great portrayal in terms of personality, power, costume and overall look was the Phoenix/Dark Phoenix Saga episodes of the the X-Men cartoon.  I loved how easily Gladiator trounced Juggernaut! 
But I agree that every appearance from the first has been a disappointment, either in terms of the art, personality, or powers.  And they even have Gladiator being beaten by Cannonball! 
I don't recall Gladiator battling Hyperion, but again, Gladiator should have easily triumphd, even if this Hyperior had Class 100 strength, because Gladiator is way beyond that.  Gladiator's heat vision should also be about 2 levels above Hy's, as well as his invulnerability and speed.  And, Gladiator possesses the ability of Space Flight and environmental independence as well! 
All hail Gladiator!
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gladiator is the man! but marvel will always make characters like thor kick is a**. even if it doesnt make sense....

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@higher_evolutionary: Agreed.

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