should gladiator have his own series

#1 Posted by symbiote5 (2181 posts) - - Show Bio

do you think gladitaor should have his own series i do i would like to know more about him.

#2 Edited by HellionVulcan (3867 posts) - - Show Bio

His past & who is race are or was & their general history maybe old battles or something & what made gladiator follow the morals he does but overall i want to see him do & live up to his power potential .. .

#3 Posted by Fellfire (30 posts) - - Show Bio

I like the way he appears just now fine.. I just dont think he has the 'feel' for his own series, his niche is already taken.

#4 Posted by Alpha (7331 posts) - - Show Bio

I limited series would be cool. Just to know his story! Power wise, he's a major player in the Marvel U.

#5 Posted by Sniper Jack (56 posts) - - Show Bio

I think a min-series would be a great idea. It could provide a lot of unanswered questions about his past and show him for what he is, the greatest warrior in the entire Shi'ar Empire. Naturally, it would have to be well written and drawn, just like Fantastic Four #249. There was an Imperial Guard mini-series, which was absolutley awful. The fight scenes, story and drawing were some of the worst I've seen with Gladiator in. If a mini-series was written/drawn like this then I wouldn't buy it!!!!!!!

#6 Posted by the creator (8577 posts) - - Show Bio

Yes, he should have a mini / maxi series at the least to show case his abilities and history.
If successful that could easily become either an ongoing series fully exploring some of the Sh'iar empire (which is massive) or an ongoing series of 6 issue mini-series (maybe one every year as this would give the writers chance to breath and create the plot for the next series).

#7 Posted by Iron Maiden (364 posts) - - Show Bio

No, he has shown to have little to know personality. And to be honest, I don't think the writes(whoever gets the job) will develope his character. They'll just throw him into a fight against someone who has him beat, and finnaly boost him to a new level of power to win. Sounds boring to me.

#8 Posted by John Valentine (16323 posts) - - Show Bio

Maybe a mini-series.

#9 Posted by Forever (4332 posts) - - Show Bio

If they were to do it, they should stay well away from earth and the X-Men.  They should show some of the intricate politics of the Shi'ar, the technology, the way of living on some of the very diverse planets in their empire.  They should show unknown threats, with perhaps one or two well known villains coming in as major threats.  Perhaps a war with the Badoon (Not the Skrull or the Kree as they are overused and the Skrull are busy right now) or the Brood.  They should try for something along the lines of the

#10 Posted by symbiote5 (2181 posts) - - Show Bio
i think it would be a good idea maybe one about imperials
#11 Posted by Fresh Prince (5186 posts) - - Show Bio
I would love to see a Gladiator mini-series
#12 Posted by Vance Astro (91300 posts) - - Show Bio

If Gladiator gets a mini...Gamora,Vance Astro,and Mantis should get one too.

#13 Posted by Villelater (1307 posts) - - Show Bio

this is a 100% yes

#14 Posted by Thunder God (239 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd read but they need to make his mohawk smaller, make it look like the it was in MUA

#15 Posted by Andferne (38808 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd like to see him get a mini series to showcase him more.

#16 Posted by Chaos Agent (2150 posts) - - Show Bio

I know I wouldn't read it....

#17 Posted by Matezoide2 (15999 posts) - - Show Bio

i would read it,Glads haves a lot of potential and story to explore,a mini would be enought,i dont think he could have a on going series

#18 Posted by Sniper Jack (56 posts) - - Show Bio

It would appear that our wish has come true,'War of Kings: Warriors #1'!!!!!! Can't wait to read this 2 part series, Gladiator rocks!!!!

#19 Posted by WillX (44 posts) - - Show Bio

A Mini series would be nice. 
He would be better suited to become a member of an exsisting comic team.  My choice would be the X-men since he has so much experience with them.  or a side group of the X-men, X-force, or X-factor.  I think that he needs to have his powers reduced either way. 

#20 Posted by U R Sofa King We Todd Did (1124 posts) - - Show Bio

i'd read it

#21 Posted by CATMANEXE (17052 posts) - - Show Bio

he kind of just had one and it was pretty good. it was his origin, so im not sure
what else there is for him unless he drops the throne, and if he does that the
book is Imperial Guard all over again. and if he's written like theyve been writing him
in RoK currently i dont want any of that action.

#22 Posted by Hoboseid (1022 posts) - - Show Bio

I would prefer other Guardians/Heroes get a series

#23 Posted by PowerHerc (85113 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't know about Gladiator getting his own ongoing series, but I definitely think he deserves a mini-series of his own.

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