Proof That Gladiator is Stronger Than You Think.

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punching down Phoenix empowered colossus as Gladiator & his army are meant to take on the phoenix five so can't wait but that alone makes me think Gladiator will give them a run for their money .

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- Gladiator absorbs and contains the power of a star that could wipe out half the solar system and moves 100 times faster than light -

- Deep in thought ... Gladiator watches a sniper bullet travel towards its intended target, while having a conversation with himself, before casually intercepting it -

- The last two may be hyperbole or in narration ... but clearly show the respect he is given. The last is from Reed's personal files -

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Heat-Vision - Nova Blitz - Sonic Clap - Hyper-Vision

Gladiator vs Nova Corps

Gladiator vs Hyperion

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Gladiator- Greater than every other Superman rip off combined based on hair alone (Except for Majestic)

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He'd be the best match up from Marvel's pantheon of Superman rip offs to give him an even fight.

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I looked gladiator stats on wiki,and gladiator is more powerful then superman.

he stronger then post-crisis and new52 superman and he is not reboot.new52 superman counts only now.second gladiator is more Invulnerability and has greater durability then superman.superman durability is equal or less then thor's.superman is smarter however. superman may have more combat speed but gladiator has more flight speed.he reach pluto from earth in seconds.superman takes about less then 8 min. to reach the crisis and new 52 superman can not reach warp speed,but gladiator can. all this info i got from the marvel handbook on wiki from the powergrid and his bio and superman info from his bio. dc does not have a powergrid.

looking at blue marvel stats and bio he is more powerful then superman marvel is stronger.he is has strong as a vastly enraged hulk or stronger.meaning his strength could exceed the the way i am talking about post-crisis and new52 superman and recent vastly enraged hulk is stronger then modern superman.the sentry too.

Gladiator is closer to superman prime level then superman level AT FULL POWER. Superman prime and dealing with his own powers is only really the at the very top of high top tier,just like king hyperion,anti-matter man and blue marvel.

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