is gladiator that strong has this happened in the comics

#1 Posted by higher_evolutionary (2128 posts) - - Show Bio
if so why the heck hulk won against him twice??
anyway he is amazing

#2 Posted by Nova`Prime` (4172 posts) - - Show Bio

Because its a cartoon and most of the time when Hulk fought Gladiator Hulk was the good guy. Also Gladiator is a bad ass.

#3 Edited by Vitality (1831 posts) - - Show Bio

I believe that he "can be" that strong. 
A lot of people really underestimate the power levels of Gladiator if he is at full confidence. 
Though I also assume that Juggernaut is not going full on there. He just didn't expect that.
#4 Posted by stu (382 posts) - - Show Bio

gladiator`s confidence is not a problem anymore. so there is no reason for him to not be known as an almost unbeatable character.

#5 Posted by HellionVulcan (4236 posts) - - Show Bio

Hulk won because of bad writing nothing else gladiator has no real way of losing to hulk ever ,hes stronger faster more powerful & ruthless then hulk has ever been .

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