gladiator needs therapy

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he could be a superman level guy if his ego wasnt so fragile, like when cannon ball beat him, apparently someone just being able to take a punch from him was enough to shatter his confidence there for making him weak. lots of people have taken punches from the hulk and juggernaut but it doesnt shake their confidence it just makes them more intent on beatin the sh!t out of whoever they hit. so maybe if gladiator would just relax abit hed be taken more seriously in the comics
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@joshmightbe: He's become a bit more serious of late after recent events in war of kings.
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yeah, i was going to say your kind of in the past tense there. and even then he's had rock solid fights in the past as well. its usually his defeats that are talked about more. that and he's usually the antagonist in most books so he kind of has to lose somehow.

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@CATMANEXE: Sometimes people forget he's had the upperhand on Thor :D like in galactic storm!
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@geraldthesloth: Thor hardcores just want us to forget. lol.
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@CATMANEXE: This is true, not to mention the Imperial Guard is fairly some writers don't exactly know what they're capable of
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my point is on occasion his confidence is to easily shaken, i agree that he is a certified bad ass but some times hes just too sensitive. this is more of a writer issue i know but if hes fully aware that his conficence is his power source it doesnt make sence for him to be so easily shaken
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i agree.  this makes me doubt his ability to lead--though im sure that the writers of war of kings have changed all this to make him seem tougher. 
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I think this is a fair point, but please remember that Cannonball didn't actually defeat Gladiator!!! He knocked him flying but seconds later Gladiator was standing behind him!!! The only time I remember him getting truly beaten due to his lack of confidence is in Fantastic Four #250, which was with the aid of Captain America and only after Gladiator had pummelled what he thought was Reed Richards with several punches, heat vision and then tried hitting him with a metal pillar!!! I guess as usual it comes down the writer, if you look at the comic where he fought against Supremor (think that's spelt right), after he punched him and it had no effect he was sent flying crashing into the ground but wasn't defeated!!!! So, I agree but future writers seriously need to ensure that they know their characters, I have found that this happens with a lot of the Shiar Imperial Guard characters. 

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