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A bald dwarf who flies around on a jet pack, Gizmo is a genius inventor who can turn seemingly innocuous objects like vacuum cleaners into dangerous weapons. Earlier in his life, he supplied criminals with technology through his company, Gizmos, Inc. He was a member of many incarnations of the Fearsome Five, and battled the Teen Titans often. Gizmo was also seen as part of the Cyborg Revenge Squad along with other villains. He even worked for S.T.A.R. labs before being murdered by the organizer of the current Fearsome Five, Doctor Sivana.

Even though he was stone cold dead, Gizmo was reanimated by the geniuses at Manitech Research & Development, a technology company located in Platinum Flats. He disposed of their CEO and earned his seat on the Silicon Syndicate, a sinister group of high-tech criminals. Gizmo retained most of his brain function, but is still missing his eye and is partially decomposed


It is revealed that Gizmo has a son (who is based on his animated counterpart). After graduating from the villainous HIVE Academy, this diminutive teen followed in his father's footsteps and became the second Gizmo. He maybe a brilliant brat, but he found himself ill-prepared for combat during his first field test as part of Mr. Orr's ' Cyborg Revenge Squad'. Ordered to protect Orr's secret Project M, the Revenge Squad found themselves fairly easily dispatched by Cyborg. This defeat left him crying like a baby.

He was later seen working along side with SYSTEM in creating the SYSTEMatic Armor MK III. The defeat of the robotic armor at the combined efforts of Blue Beetle and Hardware, Gizmo is already ahead for building the SYSTEMatuc Armor X.

Powers and Abilities

Gizmo is very tech-savvy; he has the ability to turn regular appliances into weapons.

Other Media

Teen Titans

Gizmo appeared as the recurring villain, redesigned into a probably pre-teen kid, in the animated series of the The Teen Titans voiced by Lauren Tom in earlier appearances and by Tara Strong in "Revved Up" and in "Titans Together". He has a special enmity with Cyborg.

He is the only villain to appear in all five seasons of Teen Titans.

Gizmo in Teen Titans

Gizmo first appearance in "Final Exam" as one of the graduate student at the H.I.V.E. Academy along with Jinx and Mammoth, employed by Deathstroke, to destroy the Teen Titans. The three criminals took over Titans Tower, but were ultimately defeated by the Titans.

In "Car Trouble" Gizmo work alone, appropriated Cyborg's newly-built T-Car and caused its eventual demolition by the electric villain Overload.

In "Winner Take All" he was one a few independent heroes, who was later drafted into a competition by the Master of Games, which was only held to increase the Master's personal power. Robin managed to defeat him and liberate the other contestants, and he making Gizmo Honorary Titan, for just about three seconds before Cyborg objected and took the Communicator from him.

Some time later, in "Deception" when Cyborg infiltrated the H.I.V.E. Academy as a villainous student named Stone, unknowingly, Gizmo, Mammoth and Jinx - the latter more intensely - befriended Cyborg, though Gizmo quickly became jealous. After the Academy was destroyed by Cyborg, the students scattered and most went freelance. He next appeared in "Crash", when he was "persuaded" to aid Cyborg when the Titan was infected with a computer virus accidentally planted into him by Beast Boy.


Gizmo during the fight.

Gizmo, Jinx, Mammoth and other Hive Academy students, later formed the group known as the H.I.V.E. Five

in "Mother Mae-Eye". The team fight against the Titans, who was under the influence of Mother Mae-Eye and they came close to defeating the Titans but were driven off by Mother Mae-Eye. Later the Titans returned the favor by sending them Mother Mae-Eye's cursed pie, which possessed them.

Gizmo and his former co-students were recruited by the Brotherhood of Evil in "Homecoming Part II".

In "Lightspeed" H.I.V.E. Five robbed a museum containing Egyptian artifacts, but were foiled by the young superhero Kid Flash. Hovewer, the team later succeed in capturing him. When they tried to present Kid Flash to Madame Rouge, Kid Flash escaped and the entire team ended up humiliated and scolded by Rouge. Madame Rouge went after Kid Flash herself, with Jinx also taking up pursuit. The other H.I.V.E Five members were afraid of Madame Rouge, so they decided not to take part in the mission.

Gizmo with the rest H.I.V.E. Five.

Gizmo later participated in a race held by Ding Dong Daddy in "Revved Up", but was taken out of the race by the mass crash triggered by Red X. In "Calling All Titans" he was sent with Billy Numerous to capture Kole and Gnarrk, but failed. During the final battle of "Titans Together", Gizmo and his H.I.V.E. Five mates were knocked unconscious by a hex from the reformed Jinx while trying to escape, and Kid Flash placed them in the Brotherhood of Evil's freezing machine, taking them out for the rest of the battle.

Teen Titans Go!

In episode 4 "Laundry day" Gizmo has a very brief cameo. He appears with an army of giant robots, monologuing about taking over the world before realizing Robin is buck naked do to laundry related troubles. He quickly changes his mind, and flies away. Gizmo also appears in the episode "Artful Dodgers" where he is part of the doge ball team "The High Fivers." Gizmo makes other minor cameos in most episodes that feature the "H.I.V.E. Five."

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