Interview Giuseppe Camuncoli - LCF 2010

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Here is the interview we've made (Comixity and Cable's Chronicles) during the last Lille Comics Festival in France. There are two videos and English subtitles are available (click on CC on Youtube or on the little screens when embedded).  Feel free to tell me if there's anything unusual in the translation, I would correct it ;) 
Part 1/2

Part 2/2 
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great interview!!!! I'm not very familiar with Camuncoli's Marvel work but I absolutely love what he's doing with Peter Milligan on Hellblazer right now as well as his older work on Hellblazer and his Swamp Thing with BKV

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Thanks! We are planning to meet him again at the Angoulême Comics Festival at the end of January, along with Gabriele Dell'Otto and Simone Bianchi...

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@Claire_Comixity: sounds cool, personally (and I may be the only one) I'd love to know his thoughts on Shade the Changing Man (one of my favorite characters who recently returned to comics in Milligan and Camuncoli's Hellblazer) and if he read any of the series from the 90's because I think he drew a great Shade and captured the insanity that Shade's all about 

I like the artwork of the other two you mentioned but unfortunately I don't read enough mainstream comics to be familiar with their comics :(
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@aztek the lost:  Aztek thanks for showing me that.... WE got a future arc.. spoiler :D
John Quiting  Did you catch that?  That means the series is not ending with the
John Constantine is not pulling an Archie.
@ Claire_Comixity: Thank you for posting an translating that!  That was great.  I don't know much about Camuncoli, but he has been Drawing my favorite character (John Constantine) for years, finally a lot of light has be shed on him.  I hope you didn't mind I took the liberty of updating his wiki thanks to this info.
One correction I I think should be addressed.  In video 1, Camuncoli is talking about working with Joe Casey and Wildstorm on The Intimates, not the Ultimates.  It was a parody. 
Over all that was great.  My french is horrible, being Canadian in Ontario, they just don't push the French strong enough.  Thanks again for posting it, it is great I now know something about this guy. 
- Silkcuts
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@aztek the lost: Great question, we would ask him next time ;)  
@Silkcuts: No prob for updating his wiki, I'm still figuring how the whole Comic Vine website is working... 
And thanks for the correction, I should have checked as I did for the other ones, but I was so sure I understood this one :( 
Anyway, I'm glad you both liked it :) 
The next artist interviewed is Esad Ribic, it should be available in a couple of weeks.
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@Claire_Comixity:  Esad :D
I love his painted style.
He is another guy I know like nothing about.
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Talking french with an italian artist about his american work was very great. Hope we'll see him again at Angouleme Festival !

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