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Giuana is an Amazon who for one reason or another did not return to Paradise Island after recovering her memories following the events of the Amazon invasion of America and the aftermath. Instead having found employ as Mr. Smyth's bodyguard. Considering how many of Smyth's prisoners on his Hell Island were Bana Amazons, it is likely she was a disgruntled Themyscian as she appeared to care nothing for the prisoners. Also she revealed that in the past she had been in charge of maintaining the Purple Healing Ray, and that she had secretly been conducting experiments on her self with it. At first it was to see how great the injuries the Ray could mend, injuries she often inflicted on herself, including severing her own arm once. Due to the continued exposure to the energies of the Purple Healing Ray, Giuana discovered that it had granted her permanent regenerative capabilities as great as the Ray itself. However, due to the constant self injuring of her own body, Giuana also grew need to feel these pains.

When the Secret Six eventually turned on Smyth, due to Jeanett, despite her professed dislike of Amazons, freeing Artemis. Giuana fearlessly attacked them in hopes of getting the sensation of pain it would bring her. The numbers were too great for her however and she was stuck unconscious, and while not seen Deadshot proposed to have her beheaded to stop her regenerating and return for them.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Strength: As an Amazon, Giuana has displayed degrees of superhuman strength at times, such as lifting Deadshot off the ground with one hand for a sustained period of time without effort or strain. And being able to physically wound the banshee Jeanett with one of her curved blades.

Healing factor: Due to long exposure to the Purple Healing Ray, Giuana has gained a healing factor that according to herself has allowed her to regrow entire limbs. How fast this healing factor is unknown however.

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