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Giratina's normal forme
 Giratina will make it's anime debut in the Eleventh Pokemon Movie: Giratina and the Sky Boquet: Shaymin. It will be shown battling Dialga due to it disrupting it's dimension because of its battle with Palkia and Darkrai in the previous movie.

As to be expected with othe Ghost-type Pokémon, Giratina is capable of using Ghost, DarkPsychic and Electrical attacks. Unlike other Dragon Pokémon, Giratina lacks the ability to wield Iceand Fire type attacks (save for Will-O-Wisp). Giratina is one out of seven Pokémon that is capable using Aura Sphere. Since Giratina is a "true" Dragon Pokémon, it is also capable of using Draco Meteor.
Giratina's Origin Forme

Giratina is also able to change its form just like Deoxys. It's Origin Forme is used when travelling to different worlds it reverts back to it normal forme once it comes to the real world. However if it is holding an item called the Platinum Orb it can stay in it's Origin Forme while in the real world. It stats also change depending on it forme, such as It Normal Forme highest stats are it's defense, while it Origin Forme highest stats are it attacks.

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