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Powers & Abilities

Gintoki is trained and versed in the ways of the samurai, including the code of Bushidp. During the war against the Amanto, Gintoki was known as Shiroyasha, "the White Demon." On the battlefield, his merciless abilities and savage swordsmanship were so notorious that the mere mention of his name is said to have once struck fear in the hearts of every Amanto. Although not much is known of his past, several characters who fought with him have observed that his swordplay is self-taught.

His main weapon of choice is a wooden with the words "Lake Toya" inscribed on it. Supposedly, Gin bought the sword at Lake Toyaduring a class trip. In reality, the bokuto he wields is a Hoshikudaki, a bokuto created from a ten-thousand year old tree from another planet that cuts through anything. Whenever one breaks or is stolen, Gin replaces it by purchasing it through a TV shopping program, asking them to inscribe "Lake Toya" on it prior to delivery, therefore replacing his old sword. Using this sword, he is often seen cutting, smashing and basically destroying all kinds of strong objects such as a metal cannon. Occasionally, though, Gin has used other swords, including real ones, in combat when he needs to due to a tougher encounter.

During battle, he is known to have displayed unusual strength. Although he is more than capable of fighting evenly against powerful Amanto warriors and various other samurai, Gintoki will not hesitate to use tricks and manipulation if it means a quick and easy victory. He does not like to waste time fighting when using a little brains over brawn will yield a much quicker ending.

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