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Ginormica makes her first comics appearance in Titan Books' Monsters vs. Aliens, which is a direct graphic novel adaptation of the 2009 film. Ginormica also makes an appearance in the follow-up graphic novel, Monsters vs. Aliens: The 'M' Files.  


Moments before her wedding, Susan Murphy discovered a glowing meteorite. Unbeknownst to her,
Ginormica's origin on her wedding day
this meteorite contained quantonium, a rare and powerful element which caused her to grow as she was reciting her vows. Confused and scared, Susan was rendered unconscious by the military and transported to a facility where other 'monsters' were kept in secret.   
Waking in the government facility, Susan is quickly introduced to other 'oddities' that are being held. They are Dr. Cockroach, Ph.d, a genius level intellect whose body was combined with that of a cockroach during a laboratory accident, B.O.B, the indestructible gelatenous mass, The Missing Link (a 20,000 year old half-fish half-mammal hybrid) and Insectosaurus (350 foot irradiated grub). Their jailor/caretaker is General W.R. Monger, who explains that earth has recently come under attack from an evil alien overlord named Gallaxhar. The combined might of the military using conventional weapons has been unable to defeat his giant robot, thus Monger offers Ginormica and the other monsters a deal- defeat the robot and repel Gallaxhar in exchange for their freedom.   
The team are transported to San Francisco to intercept the monster, where
Ginormica flees the giant alien robot
it becomes a larger challenge than they previously expected. Upon seeing Susan, the monster immediately becomes fixated on her and pursues her across the city. She flees to the Golden Gate bridge where the combined efforts of the monsters are able to subdue the robot.  
Having defeated the robot and supposedly repelled Gallaxhar's invasion, the monsters are granted their freedom. In their first act as free beings they visit Susan's home. However, due to their strange appearance and manner they inadvertently terrorize the neighborhood, Susan's fiance rejects her completely and the monsters- now socially rejected, leave for a life of solitude.  
Whilst contemplating her impending life as an outcast with the other monsters, Ginormica determines that perhaps her new abilities and status are not all bad. However, shortly after this emotional epiphany, she finds herself abducted by Gallaxhar. Insectosaurus tries to stop the abduction but is killed in the process.  
Aboard Gallaxhar's mother ship, Ginormica learns the true nature of
Susan reverted back to her normal state
Gallaxhar's invasion plot. Gallaxhar has been travelling the galaxy searching for quantonium, the same rare and powerful element which turned Susan into Ginormica. Susan attempts to escape Gallaxhar's ship, but is tricked into entering a machine which extracts the quantonium from her body, reverting her back to her normal/human size and strength. Gallaxhar then reveals that he will use the quantonium to power a cloning machine which he will then use to take over the earth and all other planets in the galaxy. Gallaxhar activates the machine and the process is begun.  
Meanwhile, with assistance from General Monger, Missing Link, Dr. Cockroach and B.O.B infiltrate Gallaxhar's spaceship on a rescue mission. They navigate the bowels of the craft and manage to find Susan, now in her 'normal' state. however, in activating the ship's power core to self-destruct they are seperated from Susan and are trapped within the core. Susan confronts Gallaxhar (who was attempting to flee with the remaining quantonium) demanding that he reverse the self-destruct process thereby releasing her friends. He asserts that he cannot, causing Susan to decide to absorb the remaining quantonium and transform herself back into Ginormica. Her giant size, strength, and resistance to energy restored she breaks the core and rescues the monsters. The team leaps from the ship where they are picked up by General Monger atop a revived Insectosaurus (now with butterfly wings).  
The monsters are hailed as heroes upon their return and are notified of an
The monster team
impending giant snail attack in Paris, which they rush off to meet.  


Susan's exposure to quantonium endowed her with numerous powers, chief among them being her drastic increase in size. Standing at 49 feet 11 inches, Ginormica gained all powers and abilities that go with her increased size. Her physical strength was also increased and she became impervious/highly resistant to many types of physical damage. Throughout the story she is seen crashing through buildings and under attack from Gallaxhar's energy weapons, with little to no lasting effect on her.  

Other Media

Reese Witherspoon as Ginormica
Ginormica's first appearance was in the 2009 film Monsters vs. Aliens, where she was voiced by Reese Witherspoon.     
Reese would reprise her role as Ginormica for the Amaze Entertainment video game Monsters vs. Aliens, also in 2009.

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