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Proper Japanese Title: バラガキからの手紙 (Baragaki kara no Tegami)

Chapter Titles

  • Lesson 361. "The painters known as manga artist use life experience as their paintbrush and canvas" (漫画という画布に人生という筆で絵を描け)
  • Lesson 362. "Are you a bon bon sorta guy? Or a koro koro sort of guy?" (コロコロ派かボンボン派かと問われれば わんぱっく派です)
  • Lesson 363. "According to the alphabet's order, all of humanity are hosts" (アルファベット表記で人類皆ホスト)
  • Lesson 364. "Girls love Vegeta, and guys like Piccolo" (女はべジータ好き 男はピッコロ好き)
  • Lesson 365. "Check it out!" (チェケラ!!)
  • Lesson 366. "If all a pair of siblings has is hardships, then even the good things they do will eventually become hardships" (デキの悪い兄弟をもつと苦労するがデキが良くても結局苦労する)
  • Lesson 367. "The thorns that poke the cogwheel" (歯車に絡まった茨)
  • Lesson 368. "Baragaki and Baragaki" (茨ガキと薔薇ガキ)
  • Lesson 369. "Bad brats party hearty" (悪ガキどもの祭典)
  • Lesson 370. "A Letter from Baragaki" (バラガキからの手紙 "Baragaki kara no Tegami")







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