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Proper Japanese Title: Sonna Tsuyoku Utsukushii mono ni Watashi wa naritai (ソンナ強ク美シイモノニ私ハナリタイ)

Chapter Titles

  • Lesson 283. "The Expectations For a Movie Are Proportionate to the Height of the Front Seating in the Theater." (映画の期待値の高さと前の観客の座高は比例する "Eiga no Kitaichi no Takasa to Mae no Kankyaku no Zakō wa Hirei suru")
  • Lesson 284. "Unbeaten by wind," (風ニモ負ケズ "Kaze ni mo Makezu")
  • Lesson 285. "Unbeaten by storms," (嵐ニモ負ケズ "Arashi ni mo Makezu")
  • Lesson 286. "Unbeaten by meteorites," (隕石ニモ負ケズ "Inseki ni mo Makezu")
  • Lesson 287. "Unbeaten by demonic heretics," (天魔外道ニモ負ケズ "Tenmagedō ni mo Makezu")
  • Lesson 288. "Whose smile can never be eradicated," (イカナル時ニモ笑顔ヲ絶ヤサナイ "Ikanaru Toki ni mo Egao o Tayasenai")
  • Lesson 289. "I want to become someone that beautiful and strong..." (ソンナ強ク美シイモノニ私ハナリタイ "Sonna Tsuyoku Utsukushii mono ni Watashi wa naritai")
  • Lesson 290. "The Red on Santa Is Probably Blood" (サンタクロースの赤は血の色 "Santakurōzu no aka wa chi no iro")
  • Lesson 291. "What Santa Delivers Is Not Limited To Presents" (サンタが届けるはプレゼントではなく夢 "Santa ga todokeru wa purezento de wa naku yume")







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