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Proper Japanese Title: Ninki Tōhyō nante Kusokurae (人気投票なんか糞食らえ)

Chapter Titles

  • Lesson 265. "Things Like Character Polls Should Fuck Off" (人気投票なんて糞食らえ "Ninki Tōhyō nante Kusokurae")
  • Lesson 266. "Things Like Character Polls Should Be Burnt To Ash" (人気投票なんて燃えて灰になれ "Ninki Tōhyō nante Moete Hai ni Nare")
  • Lesson 267. "Things Like Character Polls If Made Into Tofu and Used To Hit Someone's Head Would Cause Comminuted Fractures" (人気投票なんて豆腐の角に頭をぶつけて粉砕骨折しろ "Ninki Tōhyō nante Tōfu no Kado ni Atama o Butsukete Funsaikossetsu shiro")
  • Lesson 268. "Things Like Character Polls..." (人気投票なんて… "Ninki Tōhyō nante...")
  • Lesson 269. "The Saying That Bee Stings Go Away When You Piss On Them Is Just a Superstition. In Reality It's Just A Great Way To Get Germs, So Be Careful!!" (蜂に刺されたら小便かけるってアレは迷信ですバイ菌入るから気をつけようね!! "Hachi ni Sasaretara Shōben Kakerutte Are wa Meishin desu Baikin ga Hairu kara Ki o Tsukeyō ne!!")
  • Lesson 270. "Watch Out For Death Flags" (死亡フラグに気をつけろ "Shibō Furagu ni Ki o tsukero")
  • Lesson 271. "There Are Things That No Matter How Dirty They Are, Have To Be Exposed" (汚れても護らなければいけないものがある "Yogoretemo Mamoranakereba Ikenaimono ga aru")
  • Lesson 272. "When the Flag Waves, It's Goodbye" (フラグを踏んだらサヨウナラ "Furagu o Fundara Sayōnara")
  • Lesson 273. "Radio Physical Fitness Shows Are How Boys and Girls Build Stable Social Relationships" (ラジオ体操は少年少女の社交場 "Rajio Taisō wa Shōnenshōjo no Shakōba")







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