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Proper Japanese Title: 夜の蜘蛛は縁起が悪い

Chapter Titles

  • Lesson 247. "Smooth polygons smooth out a human's heart" (なめらかなポリゴンは人の心もなめらかにする)
  • Lesson 248. "A Person's Body is a Microuniverse" (人の身体は小宇宙 "Hito no Karada wa Shōuchū")
  • Lesson 249. "There are always two guys in a party of warriors that essentially do the same thing" (パーティーに勇者が二人いるとメダパニと同じ効果がある)
  • Lesson 250. "Idiots lead idiots" (導かれしバカたち)
  • Lesson 251. "And then, towards a legend..." (そして伝説へ)
  • Lesson 252. "A dangerous scent...." (アメとムチは使いよう)
  • Lesson 253. "A tasty situation indeed!!" (人は閉じ込められると自分の中の扉が開く)
  • Lesson 254. "As there is light, there is radiance." (夜の蜘蛛は縁起が悪い)
  • Lesson 255. "Get caught up in the spider's web, and you'll be hard pressed to escape" (蜘蛛の糸は一度絡まるとなかなかとれない)







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