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Gimlet and his men do a good job at battling the Fantastic Four. First they fire some guns at a flaming Human Torch. This causes his flame to pretty much expire and he falls to the ground. They easily caputure him. Then they use a noxo-gas gun to knock out the Thing, Mr. Fantastic and Crystal, taking the three of them captive as well. Susan Storm, then the Invisible Girl, successfully fights Gimlet's men while being invisible. However, Gimlet forces her hand by threatening to go after her beloved son, Franklin Richards. This causes Sue to turn visible. Gimlet then fires his machine gun at the lovely blonde girl. However, Sue encases Gimlet in a force bubble, so his bullets cannot reach her. Then as Sue reaches out to Mr. Fantastic and tells him how worried he has been for all of them, the door man fires a gun at Gimlet and finishes him. However, the Fantastic Four are suspicious about his this door man. His mask is pulled off and he is exposed as the Maggia's Top Man.

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