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This root is highly addictive and poisonous.  It is found in wooded area, most commonly in the northern regions of Amrahly'nn.  Although the toxins contained in the root are not  powerful enough to kill instantly if used over a long period of time it can cause one's condition to worsen.  Thus, killing them in a matter of weeks.   
Ed's Special Tea
This root was the main ingredient in "Ed's Special Tea."  It has a very strong taste and is repulsive to first time drinkers.  A side effect of the tea is the removal of hair from a person's rear end.
Ed Fischer made a tea out of this while nursing Lusiphur back to health. This caused Luse to become an addict. 
This is presumably how Drew Hayes came up with the name "Poison Elves". Due to the poison and the elves.

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