Any Gilgamesh/Eternals experts out there?

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I'm a big fan of the Eternals and we rarely get to see Gilgamesh/Forgotten One. A lot of the issues sited as having him don't actually have him in them.

Does anyone know the issues/arcs where Gilgamesh get some focus or a lot of page time?

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@ThanoStomp: He doesn't have many appearances. After his first appearance in Kirby's Eternals, his main appearances are still rather minor but are in the Thor story arc the Eternals Saga, then a bunch of appearances in the second Eternals series by Peter Gillis and then appearing in The Avengers #299-310 and then Avengers Spotlight #35. Despite his short time with the Avengers, he actually features moderately heavily in those issues. He also featured a bit in the subsquent Avengers stories Operation Galactic Storm, Citizen Kang and right at the start of The Crossing.

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