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Gigi and Alex.

After Empire State University enacted an open-door policy to mutants, Gigi Martin developed a relationship with one of the new mutant students, Alex. Together they founded Students for Tolerance, a pro-human/mutant coexistence group. Despite receiving a lot negative reception and even death threats, both Gigi and Alex persevered to make a difference. Everything changed however when an explosion occurred on campus that killed six mutant students who were part of Students for Tolerance. Alex was one of these mutants, and reportedly died saving Gigi from the blast. Gigi did her best afterwards to keep Students for Tolerance going, especially when the FBI claimed the explosion was the result of an anti-mutant group.


Gigi Martin was created by writer Brian Vaughan and artist Lee Ferguson. She first appeared in the 2002 Chamber mini-series.

Major Story Arc

The Hollow Man

Following news of the explosion and mutant deaths, Chamber of the X-Men went undercover at ESU to discover just who was behind the act. He became friends with fellow mutant, Amber, and was quickly enamored with Gigi, who became interested in him because of how his telepathic voice was much the same as her former boyfriend, Alex. Things turned serious for Chamber however when he was suddenly shot by an unseen assailant in his dorm room. His powers allowed him to survive, but made him all the more curious about just what was going on at ESU.

Chamber eventually discovered that the explosion had actually been caused by another mutant. He checked with ESU's mutant supremacy group, Magnetic North, and finally discovered the truth behind everything. Fearing for Amber's safety because of this news, Chamber rushed to find her and eventually found her being held at gunpoint by Gigi.

Chamber had discovered that Alex's powers had been virtually identical to his own, allowing him to cause the explosion that killed the other mutants. Gigi explained however that the explosion had occurred by accident. Alex's powers were identical to Chamber's, but he didn't have as much control over them as Chamber exerted. When his powers seemed to be getting out of control, Gigi called together the mutant members of Students for Tolerance to help Alex control his power. His powers went critical however, much like Chamber's did when they first manifested, but instead of blowing off his jaw, Alex completely exploded after having tried to hold his power in for years. The explosion killed Alex, and the mutants gathered, with Gigi just barely managing to escape the blast.

Amber pretending to be Alex.

To prevent public backlash against mutants from occurring and mutants possibly being expelled from ESU, Gigi had attempted to shift the blame to anti-mutant groups. She had been the one who shot Chamber in his dorm room to scare him off, knowing it wouldn't kill him. She'd also realized that Amber had grown suspicious of her and had tried to explain the situation to her, but Amber didn't want to let this lie continue, prompting Gigi to pull a gun on her. With both Amber and Chamber unwilling to keep the truth hidden, Gigi saw herself with no choice but to shoot the two of them. Chamber however was able to telepathically whisper instructions to Amber, and had her use her shape-shifting powers to transform into Alex while Chamber pretended to be Alex's telepathic voice. Gigi wound up briefly being fooled by this, causing her to drop her guard until Amber lost control of her form. Chamber then knocked out Gigi with an energy blast.

Gigi was later sentenced for her actions. Provided she got counseling, she wouldn't have to serve prison time.

Powers & Abilities

Gigi fencing (the one on the right).

Gigi Martin is a normal human and has no superhuman powers. She is quite charismatic however and a natural leader as a result, not to mention that she has experience in swordsmanship from fencing lessons, as well as skill in marksmanship - both of which she apparently learned as a means of self-defense.

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