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Origin and History

Gideon Lee was born during the 14th century in China. He was a liar, thief and a prostitute. In a unknown village, he played the part of a wandering sage and sold a false cure all elixir consisting of snake blood, ginseng, and urine to the unwitting villagers. After ingesting his toxic concoction, 17 villagers died. The rest of the villagers were enraged and beat Gideon Lee so badly that his ribs were broken and he was coughing up blood. Near death, Gideon Lee escaped the village and fled into the nearby mountains. While fleeing, he witnessed an immense burning object fall from the sky. Both the village and Gideon Lee witnessed the event but unlike the villagers, he was not frightened, instead he saw opportunity. He made his way to the site where the object fell and discovered that it was a craft, more specifically, a Predator spaceship. Using the technology and body parts of the Predators inside the ship, Gideon Lee somehow managed to save his own life. He then proceeded to reverse engineer the technology within, building a corporate empire.

In modern times, Gideon Lee had managed to reverse engineer some of the technology within the ship but not all of it. And there were still parts of the ship that he could not access including the cargo hold of the ship. Managing to reverse the weaponry and cloaking technology of the Predators, he ordered some of men, led by a merc named Cabot, who worked for him to test the effectiveness of their new equipment. The area that his men chose to test their new equipment was in Africa during a truce meeting between two African leaders and their armed escorts. The men effortlessly butchered all in attendance except for a single reporter, testifying to the effectiveness of their new equipment. The lone surviving journalist, Becka McBride, recovered a dart used by the men and trace it back to Gideon Lee in China.

It was at around this time that Gideon Lee discovered the contents of the cargo hold. The precious load was an batch of xenomorph alien eggs. Thinking that the eggs may contain predator young, Gideon ordered that his scientists enter the cargo hold, excited that he may not have to have his men hunt down Predators anymore so he could use their body to sustain himself. Unfortunately, facehuggers from the eggs impregnated a small group of scientists who entered the cargo hold who in turn, gave birth to chestbursters. This action set off a silent alarm that alerted Predators to the presence of the newly born xenomorphs.

In a very short amount of time, predators make their way into Gideon Lee's lab, killing several armed men while hunting the new xenomorphs, alerting Gideon Lee to their presence. One of the predators, while chasing an xenomorph in the Hong Kong sewers, accidentally set of an explosion at the same time Becka McBride arrives. Gideon Lee, aware of her presence in Hong Kong, sends Cabot after her. He finds her in the street and Becka recognizes him before he drugs her and brings her to Gideon Lee. Instead of killing her, he offers the journalists the story of her life by offering her his entire life story, all 700 years of it and he offers her an invitation to a hunt, the prey is the predators running around in the sewers as they track down the xenomorphs. But before this hunt, Gideon Lee condition starts to deteriorate.

Gideon Lee starts to age incredibly fast with a short period time and explains to the shocked reporter/journalist that he needs fresh predator organs, all evidence points towards the heart of a predator, as his transplants can only stave off old age for so long and that over the centuries, he had hired men to obtain him these predator body parts no matter what. After a quick surgery. Gideon Lee quickly recovers and leads the hunt in an effort to find the predators and secure their bodies, dead or alive. The hunting party, consisting of Gideon Lee, Cabot, and other men manage to find the predators and the xenomorphs but nothing goes according to plan. Everyone, except Gideon Lee and Becka McBride, perish. As Becka flees, Gideon challenges one of the predators to a hand-to-hand fight, wielding only blade. The fight ends quickly, although Gideon Lee attempted to cheat by using a reverse-engineered shoulder mounted cannon. The predator holds Gideon Lee in the air and Gideon Lee tells the predator to finish him who proceeds to tear Gideon Lees heart out. When Gideon Lee dies, his body turns to dust, leaving the predator with only his skull.

Personality and attitude

Gideon Lee is a very ruthless man who takes advantages of every opportunity that presents itself to him. And by judging his attitude during his final fight and death, Gideon Lee may have been a very fearless man.

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