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This issue contains three stories.

"A Meeting of Blood" - Under the full moon, Jack Russell transforms into the Werewolf and roams the streets of Los Angeles, while blocks away, Morbius the Living Vampire glides silently on the trail of Martine Bancroft, his one-time fiance. He speaks to her from a rooftop, but she doesn't at first remember him. Recounting his origin, Morbius breaks through her fog-shrouded memory, and she calls him down to embrace him. Morbius' bloodlust begins to tempt him, but he fights back the urge.

Later, the pair are attacked by the Werewolf. The evenly matched combatants fight until the coming dawn weakens the Werewolf. Morbius slakes his thirst on the beast's blood as the latter reverts to Jack Russell. Morbius and Martine run to find a hotel room where the vampire can rest. Hours later, Martine tells Morbius she has found a postal box key in her pocket. They surmise that she obtained it during the same recent events that clouded her memories, and decide to locate the box.

Later, Jack awakens in a hospital bed where he's been treated for blood-loss as a John Doe. Before long, the moon rises and the Werewolf breaks out of the hospital.

Morbius and Martine open the postal box at the La Brea Post Office to find a sheet of paper with chemical formulae that raise the vampire's hopes of a potential cure. Heading back to the hotel, as they pass by the La Brea tar pits, they are again accosted by the Werewolf. During the fight, Morbius loses the sheet, and the enraged vampire takes out his frustrations on his foe, forcing him into a tar pit. Martine calms Morbius down, ending the conflict, and as he walks off, she tosses the Werewolf a rope to allow him to save himself.

His prey long gone, the Werewolf finally gets back to dry land, and lopes off. Behind him lies the sheet of paper, a tar-stained footprint upon it.

"When the Moon Dripped Blood" - One morning, Jack Russell receives a surprise visit at his step-father's home from his actress friend, Clary Winter. She tells him their friend Buck Cowan has sold a movie script to Brad Wrangle. The studio stunt-coordinator wants to move into production, and has hired Clary to star, as well as wanting Jack to perform stunt-work. Jack half-heartedly agrees, thinking the remote shooting location will provide an opportunity to slip away when he is about to transform.

The cast and crew arrive at the shooting location, Serenity Springs, to find a mostly deserted town, whose few remaining residents walk about in a daze.

The filming begins, and Jack performs a stunt requiring to swing on a rope at a canyon rim. An actor fires a rifle at him, but instead of the expected blanks, a live shell severs the rope, and Jack plummets into the river below.

After dragging himself to the shore, dusk falls, he becomes the Werewolf, and spends the night roaming the forest. At one point, he finds a cave, in the mouth of which lies a skeleton with four strange tentacle-like growths on the rib cage.

Meanwhile, the crew has gone missing, and Buck and Clary search for them and Jack. They find one crew member who appears to be dying, and they see four odd protuberances on his chest. Before they can do any more, they are knocked out by unseen assailants and dragged away.

The next day, Jack makes his way back to town, but finds nobody around. He does find a trail of slime, and he follows it to the cave, where he sees Buck and Clary hung by their ankles above a pit. Then he is knocked out.

When he comes to, he finds himself hanging next to his friends, as Brad and the missing crew, in ceremonial robes, prepare to sacrifice the three of them to some ancient deity. Jack realizes the filming was Brad's ruse to lure his victims to their fate.

The moon rises, and Brad raises his blade, but Jack transforms, and the Werewolf breaks his bonds, attacking the cultists who fight back with their chest-tentacles. Amid the melee, Buck is freed, and he releases Clary. While they escape, the earth quakes, and giant tentacles emerge from the pit. Brad is grabbed by the thing as the cave collapses, burying the cultists and their old god. Outside, Buck and Clary recover from their ordeal as the Werewolf runs to the forest.

This issue also includes the story "The Return of the Brain" reprinted from ADVENTURES IN TERROR #6.

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