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In New york, Shang Chi is attacked by an assassin sent by his father. Defeating the assassin, he identifies an amulet taken from the assassin as the mark of the Phansigars a ancient Indian sect. At Nayland-Smith's town house he meets Clive Reston (his 1st appearance), and they are attacked by three Phansigars (as seen in the cover image).During the fight, Reston lets slip several heavy hints that he is the son of James Bond, and the grandson of Sherlock Holmes (indeed facially he resembles a cross between Sean Connery and Basil Rathbone, although as the series progressess, he becomes more and more similar to sean Connery).

They fly to London to meet with Nayland-Smith and Black Jack Tar in the British museum, where Smith reveals that Dr Petrie may be alive. They are attacked by a display case of Neanderthals, brought back to life by Fu Manchu's Elixair Vitae (No, don't ask me how).

It becomes clear that Fu manchu's henchmen are searching for something, as they raid an antique shop and Shang chi intervenes to stop them.

One of the captured Phansigars tells of a plot involving Buckingham Palace, and following a Phansigar through a secret passage (Yes, I know, a secret passage under Buck House, but stay with me), Shang Chi discovers Dr Petrie alive and his father explains that what he thought was Dr petrie was actualy a creation of Fu Manchu's.

Shang Chi must fight the Shadow Stalker to the death, but a final revelation awaits...

There is also 2 short Yellow Claw reprints "Concentrate on Chaos" and "The Trap" (from Yellow Claw #2) which has no redeeming features, and no credits although the art is certainly by Jack Kirby, the writing probably by Stan Lee, and the inking looks like Joe Rosen, but I wouldn't swear to it.

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