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What is the untold story of the battle between one of the strangest superhero teams in the Marvel Universe and the engine of destruction known as the Incredible Hulk? See ol' Purple Pants go toe-to-toe with Angel, Ice-Man, Ghost Rider, The Black Widow and Hercules in a story that holds a key to Post-PLANET HULK events! By legendary Hulk scribe Peter David and Juan Santacruz.

PLUS! A PLANET HULK INTERLUDE! Bruce Banner makes his first appearance on Planet Sakaar - and battles the Hulk for his body and soul! What secret is the Hulk hiding? What terrible truth does Banner reveal? And who will triumph in this ultimate showdown? By Greg Pak and Aaron Lopresti.

Also: Re-presenting the outstanding INCREDIBLE HULK: THE END by Peter David and Dale Keown.


1st story: "Green Pieces"

The Champions encounter the Hulk in this untold tale.

2nd story: "Banner War"

This is a 'Planet Hulk' tie-in story about the struggle for control between the Banner/Hulk personality. It takes place between Incredible Hulk #95 & #96.

3rd story: "The Last Titan"

This is a reprint of Hulk: The End #1.

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