Writer Hired for G.I. Joe Sequel

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Collider reported today, that according to their sources a writer has been hired for a G.I. Joe sequel. 

But thanks to some very reliable sources, I can report a screenwriter has been hired for G.I. Joe 2 (or whatever it’s going to be called) and Paramount is definitely moving forward with the project.

While I tried my best to find out who landed the writing gig, my sources wouldn’t budge... 

 Also, all the actors from the first film were signed for sequels, so that should make the process a bit smoother. 

 It seemed as though a sequel was greenlit from day it was released. I was firmly against this movie and thought the trailers looked absolutely awful. I got a copy from Netflix and watched it... I ended up loving the film. In no way did I think this was a "good" film by any means, but it was a good "popcorn" flick. I laughed a lot, at unintentional jokes, and cringed at Snake Eyes mouth, but overall, I fell in love with this action packed film. The same way I fell in love with Punisher War Zone last year. So, I've become very excited over the prospect of a sequel. 
What kind of story do you think we're going to get though? Cobra-La? (Just kidding) What new characters would you guys like to see in the upcoming film?
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the 1st movie got me back into gi joe !!!! , i'll see another for sure !!!!

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I loved the first movie, can't wait for this one.
I'm just sad that they killed off Cover Girl in the first movie :(
I woulda liked to see her in a bigger role in the second one.

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G.I. Joe 2: The Decline of Cobra 
Exective producer : you couldn't come up with anything better?!Even "G.I. Joe 2: The Snake bite" sounds better! 
Writer: I think it's sounds pretty awesome actually.
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Well, although I did not love the first movie, any exposure for the franchise is great and I am excited for this. Hopefully they will bring in Flint and Lady Jaye, then I can be truly happy. 
And seriously, Punisher War Zone was terrible, one of the worst comic movies I have ever seen.

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GI Joe was an amazing goofy and corny show, I loved the fact that the movie didn;t try to be anything other then great blow em up fun, which is perfect.

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The Right of Might!
Cobra Commander!
Christopher Eccleston!
Sienna Miller!

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It was like Transformers sans the robots.
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@HaHaManHV said:
" And seriously, Punisher War Zone was terrible, one of the worst comic movies I have ever seen. "
Roger Corman's Fantastic Four 
The Spirit 
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen  
Captain America 
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Rise was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Why spent money on a sequel ? Whhhy ?!

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I'll still watch it, I watched the first one, didn't hate it, but I was never really in to G.I.Joe, so maybe that's why.

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i have seen the 1st one 4 times and on BLUE RAY!!!!!!!  
i thought it was good everytime i see i like it more.  I just really wish they would dye dukes hair blonde!!!!  
a very simple design would make all joe fans happy and its bacsically this..........Cobra trying to rule the world though some over the top plan! and Seeing cobra commander look a little more like himself. 
if they do those 2 things I dont see how you can screw it up.  
characters I would like to see 
Lt, Falcon 
less snakeyes.........I know I know i am crazy but come on do over do it gi joe is more than ninjas and snakeeyes aint the top joe never has been its Duke or Hawk they should get the limelight
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I liked the first one, but would have prefered Baroness to be pure evil and the Storm Shadow / Snake Eyes relationship to have been more like the Marvel comic from back in the day.

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I enjoyed the 1st film but i'm hoping the 2nd one will be better, other then that I think Firefly and the Crimson Twins, Tomax and Xamot (one of them being a clone) should be in the sequel.

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I thought G.I. Joe wasn't bad, I had fun.  Hey it was way better than that Transformers crap-fest!  I'm looking forward to the sequel 

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hey ,hey leave League of Extraordinary Gentlemen  out of  this but rest your are  right
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@inferiorego:   Ironically enough, I have not seen those. Except for Electra and Catwoman, both of which I saw long ago and don't remember.
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There's No Place Like Springfield.
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The first movie was terrible. Perhaps due to the God awful acting of Channing Tatum. They need to pull it together on the sequel

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It seems like every Hollywood blockbuster gets a sequel, no matter how bad it is!  I've never been a fan of G.I. Joe, but this was a lot better. 

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I wasnt really into GI Joe growing up, but I did like the movie 
And i will be down to see a sequel...

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@inferiorego said:
" but overall, I fell in love with this action packed film. The same way I fell in love with Punisher War Zone last year. So, I've become very excited over the prospect of a sequel."
I feel the exact same way.
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Loved G.I. Joe and I thought I was gonna hate it. It turned out to be waaaaay better than Transformers 2. So I'll be waiting for a sequel that's for damn sure. :)

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