Super Short Live Footage Of G.I. Joe: Rise Of Cobra

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Here's a tiny glimpse at some action from "G. I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra." posted the ten second peak from Entertainment Tonight.  We'll be able to see more during the Super Bowl.  From what little there is to see, it doesn't look too bad.



Here's the full TV spot.


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I can't wait to see snake eyes :D

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woah looked awesome! well for 12 seconds anyway :p

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Not bad far.  

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I do not feel great about this, especially after seeing those real short clips.

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I just wonder if they're trying to be super serious or going for the cheese-factor.  They should go for the cheese.  How could you not and remain faithful to the actual property?  I say embrace the cheesiness.

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Check out the FIRST POST.  I updated with the full TV spot.

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Snake Eyes looks badass

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*Static watches the videos in excitement and does several back-flips around the room while his roommate's dog, Peanut, watches in confusion while sitting on the sofa.*

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The Super Bowl teaser looked AMAZING, i have to admit that they really caught my attention with those over-the-top action sequences... FUCK YES!

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wonders how he missed this O.O

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