See G.I. Joe The Way It Should've Been Starting Friday

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G.I. Joe was a pretty decent cartoon, especially for an 80s cartoon.  "G.I. Joe: Resolute" begins this Friday on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.  I know, you're thinking "Big deal, it's just G.I. Joe."  One thing you should know, it's written by none other than Mr. Warren Ellis.  The show will be a series of five-minute shorts and consist of eleven episodes.  The final episode (airing on April 25) will be ten minutes.  You'll be able to watch them on the channel and online.

Check out this little teaser.  You'll see that not only do they use guns with bullets (no harmless laser guns here) but you actually hear the slosh when Snake-Eyes jabs his sword in some Cobra-scum.  This is going to be good stuff.


For more information, you can visit

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Too bad GI Joe isn't part of my childhood.

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Show looks cool I will watch it.

I know of GI Joe, but the show just really missed my generation (born in '89) I have seen like one or 2 eps though form the old show

I hope the new movie is okay it looks entertaining.
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sorry I had to say it
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Looking forward to this. ^^

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I have to say it is much better to be a kid now than when I was. Snake Eyes just looks awesome and the action is really nice and high quality. The Snake Eyes I got, you posted a video of him doing the can can dance before busting out some old school break dancing with swords on his back.

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DMC said:

sorry I had to say it
Actually, it's "Yo, Joe!"  ;)
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Damn it, only available in the US :(

#8 Posted by Darkchild (42051 posts) - - Show Bio


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Nice. I'm starting to get into G.I. Joe. Looking forward to the upcoming movie.

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All I'm asking is, when does the DVD come out?  I'm not about to sit through the garbage that is Adult Swim, DVR'd or not.

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I'm surprised I haven't seen any ads for it anywhere on CN itself.  Looks pretty good.

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Very nice.

I'm partial to this one myself


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I just my pants

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Looks good, coming from someone who wasn't around during the 80's cartoon

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Sparda said:
"Damn it, only available in the US :("

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This is only the first six.  There are more coming.

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Man, this sh!t is tight as hell!

Snake-Eyes for the win!

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This show is crazy awesome. I can't believe they killed off SPOILER

 Bazooka so quickly and off screen. I can't wait for the inevitable DVD.

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It's about time they make G.I. Joe what it should be. Violent. Just like the comics.

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Friends of mine and I were talking about this show yesterday, and hot they dumped the lazers and no kill shots and what not, and as a child of the 80's to see this now is perfect, its age aproperiate to me in my 30's as it was when i was a lad.  Brilliant.  I mean whos going to be the biggest fans of this series? fans of the toon when we were children.  So to amp up the violence and content to our age group works well.

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